Sunny Leone ‘working on something special for Nepal’

In a Facebook status post, previous adult film star of Hollywood and the current Bollywood sensation, Sunny Leone, has said that she is ‘working on something special for Nepal … ‎#getsexy‬ see you soon Nepal xoxo’. She hasn’t given any further clue on what her plans are.

Audio report:

Based on her message she is involved in something related to her profession. It might be a shooting or some sort of a program. Her #getsexy hashtag in the message rules out any social works. We will surely know more details of her visit in near future.

Stay tuned!

The response of Sunny’s message is overwhelming. Within half-an-hour of the message the status had got more than 48,000 likes, 320 shares and 1,300 comments. Most of the comments are ‘thank you’, ‘welcome’ and such.

In a lighter note, one of the comments reads: “Nepal, get ready for another Earthquake.” Well, the earthquake Sunny brings will certainly be less destructive!

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