Sushma Karki break-up opens her up in bikini

Now it is clear that actress Sushma Karki wasn’t happy by her relationship with her ex, Niran Shrestha. She has admitted, Niran was too much possessive and wouldn’t let her be herself – the hot and sexy actress. That was the reason Sushma believed her affair ruined her career.

sushma karki in water partk enjoying (1)

After the break-up, Sushma has felt the freedom in wearing the revealing dresses and sharing hot photos in media. A while ago she went to an even in a flimsy black dress and made news. Before that, she had shared some photos of herself in bikini. In addition to these personal photos, she had also modeled in controversial music videos and magazines.

Let’s see how open and free Sushma has felt after the break-up:

Sushma having fun with friends in Water Park (did you notice the ‘bright sun’ on her body?):

Sushma and her hot friend:

Photo credit – Sushma Karki

Sushma Karki in a hot one-piece in the program

A modeling shot of Sushma for an online magazine.

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