Sushma Karki break-up opens her up in bikini

Now it is clear that actress Sushma Karki wasn’t happy by her relationship with her ex, Niran Shrestha. She has admitted, Niran was too much possessive and wouldn’t let her be herself – the hot and sexy actress. That was the reason Sushma believed her affair ruined her career.

After the break-up, Sushma has felt the freedom in wearing the revealing dresses and sharing hot photos in media. A while ago she went to an even in a flimsy black dress and made news. Before that, she had shared some photos of herself in bikini. In addition to these personal photos, she had also modeled in controversial music videos and magazines.

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Sushma Karki accused her ex-boyfriend for the downturn of her career

Talking for the first time on camera after numerous incidents with her ex-boyfriend, actress Sushma Karki has told that they had broken-up a month ago. She has opened up her mouth after the latest incident between the two in a restaurant in Kathmandu. She has told that they won’t patch up again.

In the interview, Sushma said that she has now realized how bad Niran was to her and her career. She accused Niran to be the reason behind the downturn of her acting and entertainment career.

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Sushma Karki and Niran Shrestha break up, again

Now it is official, actress Sushma Karki and music artist Niran Shrestha have finally broken up for the second time. That happened in Best Food Café in Putalisadak when the issue between them became physical.

The relationship started towards the end of 2012 and they broke up within a year of the relationship. They had recently patched up and had started living together again. They had also invested in a restaurant. Sushma also celebrated her birthday in the restaurant. When the business didn’t go as expected, they sold it and went in a tour together. While in the tour, Niran had beaten Sushma while in back-stage in a cultural show in Dharan. Like the previous one, the second teremm of their relationship also didn’t last a year.

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Sushma Karki beaten in public by her boyfriend Niran

It is no secret that actress Sushma Karki is living with her boyfriend Niran. According to a latest incident, they don’t seem to be happy with each other.

While in a program in East Nepal, Niran had beaten Sushma Karki at backstage. The issue got so big that police had to intervene in solving the case. The reason for the issue is yet to be known.

They are not only boyfriend and girlfriend but, they are also business partner in a restaurant. Sushma and Naren had celebrated Sushma’s birthday in their restaurant. It has been less than a year since they had patched up after a bitter misunderstanding and separation last year. At that time, their affair was less than a year long.

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Sushma Karki – dating and shooting on Birthday and Valentine Day

Nepali actress Sushma Karki had to attend a shooting on Valentine Day. It was not only Valentine Day but also her birthday too.

While she was shooting an item dance for her upcoming movie ‘Bouncer’, her boyfriend, Niran Shrestha, had arrived at the sets to wish her birthday wishes and plan for their valentine day outing.

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