Film artists in Teej Songs of 2015

The greatest festival of women, Teej, is mostly a musical festival. The women wear attractive jewelries and clothes in red and dance to the songs composed specifically for the festival. Because of the commercial value of the songs, a lot of new songs are produced this year. It is surprising that the movie actresses have modeled in a lot of those movies. I have compiled a list of songs featuring various actresses.

film artists in teej songs

Among the actresses featured in Teej songs, actress Neeta Dhungana is featured in a lot of them. Other actresses include Sushma Karki, Karishma Manandhar, Reema Bishowkarma, Melina Manandhar, Nandita KC, Benisha Hamal and others. Its not only the actresses, actor Rajesh Hamal is also featured in one of the latest Teej songs.

Teej Song featuring Rajesh Hamal

It has been quite a while since Rajesh Hamal has acted in a movie. He has however acted in a teej song titled ‘Hong Kong ko Lahure….’ by Bishnu Majhi. The video features Binu Subedi and Kajal Pandey with Rajesh. The video is directed by Shiva BK and made on the music and lyrics of Sundarmani Adhikari. Watch the video:

Teej Songs featuring Sushma Karki

Teej song “Ma Pani Chaina Koi Bhanda kam … ” is recorded in the voice of Nisha Sunar and also features Nisha Sunar dancing with Sushama Karki. Nisha had married choreographer Shankar BC and had given birth to his daughter in the USA last year.

Last year’s double meaning “Kanyai deu na bai ..” is still popular this year. The song by Shree Devi Devkot and Prakash Katuwal also features Bale, Jigri and Cockroach of ‘Bhadragol’ television serial. The song marks the comeback of Sushma after a while of absence from the film industry.

Teej songs featuring Melina Manandhar

The Teej song titled “Mero Rupaile …” is recorded in the voice of Chanda Aryal and features actress Melina Manandhar with friends.

“Bajai deu madalu … ” Also features Melina Manandhar. The music video directed by Dinesh Pakhrin is made on the music and lyrics of Amit Khati. Rohit Rumba is featured with Melina in the video. Watch the video:

Teej songs featuring Reema BK, Nanidta KC, Benisha Hamal

In the song titled ‘Ghankaai deu Madalu …’ actresses Nandita KC, Benisha Hamal, Niru Khadka and Reema Bishowkarma are featured. The song is recorded in the voices of Pashupati Sharma and Sita KC. Watch the video.

Song titled “Bindaas …” by Nisha Sunar features Reema Bishowkarma in the video. Watch the music video:

Teej song featuring Karishma Manandhar

The remixed version of the most popular song of the featival “Teeja ko lahara …” features the actress Karishma Manandhar. The song is recorded in the voice of Manju Thapa Magar. Watch the video:

Teej song featuring Neeta Dhungana

The song titled “Teejle garayo …” by singer Bhumika Giri features Neeta Dhungana as the dancer.

The teej song titled “Nachau Chamma Chamma …” features Anu Shah with Neeta Dhungana. The song features the voice of Radhika Hamal and Jayraj Bhatta.

Another Teej song featuring Neeta Dhungana is titled “Ashirbad Magchhu … ” by Khuman Adhikari and Ramila Neupane

Now, the question arises – are these actresses encroaching the work place of the professional dancers like Parbati Rai, Samjhana Budhathoki and Bipasha BC? Please comment.

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