Sushma Karki tells journalists what to ask her, follows Shristi Shrestha

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A press meet was organized to tell about the movie releasing this Friday, ‘Sanjog’. In the event, the actress Sushma Karki got angry by the question of a journalist. The question was about Sushma’s previous release movie ‘Chalechha Batas Sustari’. The movie released targeting the Valentine Day of 2016 failed to attract viewers while the other two movies released on the same date – ‘Classic’ and ‘Premgeet’ became hit movies.

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In the press meet, Sushma claimed that ‘Chalechha Batas Sustari’ was a hit movie. She also asked the journalists to do proper homework before asking her questions. She told, “I don’t need to tell what I am doing. It is your job to find out what I am doing.”

A few weeks ago another actress Shristi Shrestha responded to a question in similar manner. She had also asked the journalists to do homework before asking questions. Watch Shristi’s response (read more in

By the way Shristi and Sushma responded, it seems like they don’t know what journalists do. They don’t ask question to know their answer. In fact, they dig into the answer to extract the untold and unheard part. The angry remarks of Shristi and Sushma actually mean – those were the right questions to ask. At least, they were helpful in creating a scoop to write about and let the public know how fragile their celebrity is.

Sushma’s response video:

About ‘Sanjog’

The movie ‘Sanjog’ by Yujesh Film was shot two years ago and is releasing on July 29, 2016. The movie presented by Dadhiram Upreti features Sushma Karki, Sabin Shrestha and Prajwol Giri in leading role. The movie is made on a triangular love story. The movie produced by Umesh Upreti and Roshan Upreti is written and directed by Bed Prasad Bhurtel. The songs music are composed by Ujjwal Thebe Limbu and Kumar Bibahit.

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