Swimsuit pose of Asmi Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2016

Every international beauty contests have a swimsuit round and the swimsuit poses of beauty contest winners and models are not rare poses. But, after Miss World scraped the swimsuit round, the swimsuit poses of Miss Nepal winners have become rare. I haven’t found any swimsuit photos of any Miss Nepal after 2013. In a latest photo shared by Asmi Shrestha from Thailand, she is wearing a swim suit. But, the photo is not clear and the photo only shows her back. Yes, it is not a proper swimsuit photo but, that is the only one she has shared so far.

In another photo Asmi is seen wearing a jeans shorts with black top and holding a beer on a beach.

Asmi is currently in Thailand to participate in the Network of Youth and Students for Peace for Asia Pacific Region. She has also shared a photo of herself shaking hands with the Deputy Prime minister of Thailand, Pajin Juntong. The photo was taken during the inauguration at the United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok. Asmi was chosen one of the panelist in the inagural event of youth and Students for Peace from Nepal to speak about the roles of youth in creating culture of sustainable peace. She was chosen as the youth ambassador for peace by the Universal Federation of Peace.

Talking in the event Asmi told,”As long as one doesn’t stop planning, as long as one doesn’t stop dreaming ahead in life, they can be considered as youth.” She added, “Age is just a number. It is all about the willingness and zeal that is inside of you to do something in life.”

What happened to swimsuit round in Miss World?

It started in 2013 when Miss World contest was held in Malaysia. Because of the religious restriction, swimsuit round was allowed only in the condition that the contestants wrap a cloth called sarong on their bodies. They were also not allowed to wear a two-piece swimsuit. The swimsuit photo of Ishani Shrestha (Miss Nepal 2013) doesn’t look like a swimsuit because of sarong wrapped on the body.

In 2014, swimsuit round was removed from Miss World contest.

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