Komal Oli decided to remain unmarried throughout her life?

According to the latest Teej song of Komal Oli, she has no interest to get married. But, the lyrics of the song is not written by herself but another singer and musician, Pashupati Sharma. Songs are songs – they don’t relate to one’s life. But, in the case of Komal Oli, it has turned out to be true.

Last year, Komal Oli sang – “This is the last time I will be searching for a husband.” In the same song, the lyricist Pashupati Sharma suggested her to join politics and be a politician. It seems, she has followed his advice and joined Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP). It was not only joining the party, she resigned from the Radio Nepal job to be a full time politician. The party also responded by electing Oli the Central Committee Member of the party. Now, after being a politician, the song says – “I will live and die for my country. I have no interest in getting married.

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Who is Komal Oli?

Komal Oli is a well known journalist at Radio Nepal. In addition to being a program host, she is also a well known singer.

When she released a Teej song in 2010, the promotion of the song was banned in the government media. She expressed her dissatisfaction on it in a Reporter’s Club program too (the news report in the following list).

In addition to journalism and music, Komal was also featured as an actress in a movie. She was reportedly to debut in ‘Dabdaba’ but, the debut movie was ‘Rajniti’ – featured opposite to Rajesh Hamal. After that she hasn’t acted in more movies.

In 2011, Komal had announced the making of a movie on her life. But, the progress of the movie is not know.

Earlier this year, Komal had resigned from her job at Radio Nepal to star career in politics. She joined RPP and was also elected the central committee member. Actress Rekha Thapa is also the Central Committee Member of RPP.

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