QFX Central Case Study – There is nothing for Nepali

Editor’s Note: This article is one of the fact-check analyses for the “Who loves Nepali Movies?” article series. Case study of Gopi Krishna Movies, case study of Guna Cinema and case study of Big Cinema were previously published.

A new shopping mall, Civil Mall, was launched in the center of Kathmandu, Sundhara, in September of 2010. The mall is considered to be a luxurious shopping center similar to City Center. The main attraction of City Center was Big Cinemas, and the big attraction of Civil Mall is another big theatre. Probably, the most expensive theatre in Nepal is named QFX Central. Unlike Big Cinemas, QFX is financed by Nepali nationals and is also a part of Jai Nepal and Kumari theatre. But, that doesn’t mean QFX screens Nepali movies.


The motto of Civil Mall, “There is something for everyone,” is faulty. Sorry guys, you failed for majority of Nepali people, there is nothing for Nepali movie lovers.

Like Big Cinemas, QFX central also thinks Nepali don’t make quality movies and hence doesn’t screen any Nepali movies in it. All you can see in the new, luxurious theater are Hindi and English movies. They prefer flop Hindi movies like No Problem, Je Jyan Se Khelenge Hum to much better Nepali movies like Gorkha Paltan and Bato Muni Ko Phul.
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