RIP Mr. Virgin director Bisharad Basnet

Bisharad Basnet is an actor, writer and director in Nepali Film Industry has died of corona on July 2, 2021. The last rituals of Basnet was done on the same day at Pashupati Aryaghat. He was being treated at Medacity Hospital in Lalitpur. Bishard Basnet was 39 years old.

Basnet directed nepali movie Mr. Virgin and was also the assistant director of Yeta Na Uta. He was the Creative Director For Nepal Film And Television Academy. He had acted in Ashim Shah’s movie Dui Rupaya and Subrat Acharya’s movie ‘Sushree Sampati’.

Born in India, Basnet has his roots in Nepal due to his mother. He had over 20 years of professional theatre experience and is trained teachers in India and abroad. He was instructor a the Everest Film Acadamy, Minbhaban.

Basnet’s family had faced two more tragedies four months ago when his maternal grand mother and his father had died of Covid. Bisharad is survived by his 1 year old daughter, wife, sister and mother who had survived after being tested Covid positive.

Although he had tested Covid negative, his health didn’t imporved and he was kept in ICU for 40 days prior to his death, that was after being tested Covid negative.

On May 16 he wrote: “Why So Serious ? It’s Just Corona”

UPDATE: When the pandemic began Dr. Bisharad Basnet had started working on a new project – Lal Salaam. He had also done expeditions with Clowns without Borders, Sweden to Nepal. He was the founder of Acting School of India, Mumbai and had trained more than 1000 actors, writers and directors in different part of India and Nepal. In addition to that, he was guest faculty to different film schools in India & Nepal.

Nepali Movie – Dui Rupaya (Kutu Ma Kutu film)

Nepali Movie – Dui Rupaya
Starring – Nischal Basnet, Asif Shah, Buddhi Tamang, Menuka Pradhan etc.
Director – Asim Shah

A presentation of G21 Pictures and Black Horse Pictures, the movie “DUI RUPAIYAN” gained a lot of limelight because of the popular song – ‘Kutu ma kutu’ featuring Swastima and her husband Nischal Basnet. The movie was produced by Nischal and Asif, two of the leading characters. Swastima Khadka was only featured in the super hit song.

Watch the full movie :
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Friday Release – Dui Rupaiyan

Highly awaited movie ‘2 Rupaiyan’ was the sole release on Friday, September 8, 2017. The movie known for the song ‘Kutuma Kutu’ is expected to be liked by the viewers. The movie is released at the time last week’s release ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ is doing a good business in theatre.

About ‘2 Rupaiyan’

The movie made on G21 Pictures and Black Horse Pictures banners is produced jointly by Asif Shah and Nischal Basnet. Directed by Asif Shah, the movie feature two producers in leading roles. In addition to the producers and director it also features Buddhi Tamang, Rabindra Jha, Rajan Ishan, Menuka Pradhan and Pratik Raj Neupane. Nischal’s wife, actress Swastima Khadka is featured in the well received song ‘Kutuma Kutu’.

The movie is made on a story of a relatively worthless currency note of Rs. 2 in the transaction of a huge sum of currency. The crime story features action and comedy as the selling point.
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