International media talk Prachanda's new residence

parchanda_welcomed_by_people_in_a_programWe had previously talked about people’s leader, CPN Maoist Chairman, Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s move to a lavish residence. The ownership or the lease amount hasn’t been confirmed yet and he has kept his mouth shut on the issue.

Now, Prachanda’s new residence has started attracting the attention of international media questioning his credibility as a lead
er of poor people.

UK newspaper The Telegraph has published an article titled "Nepali Maoist leader adopts millionaire’s lifestyle." The article mentions his role in overthrowing monarchy and his ultimate adoption of royal lifestyle.

The leader of Nepal’s ruling Maoists, who led the country’s downtrodden masses in the guerrilla war which eventually overthrew its monarchy, has provoked a row among his comrades after acquiring a luxury mansion with a swimming pool and badminton court.

Indian newspaper Indian Express published an article today titled "Prachanda moves into lavish house; media slams ‘red feudalism’ " in which the reporter writes: p>  Continue reading