International media talk Prachanda's new residence

parchanda_welcomed_by_people_in_a_programWe had previously talked about people’s leader, CPN Maoist Chairman, Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s move to a lavish residence. The ownership or the lease amount hasn’t been confirmed yet and he has kept his mouth shut on the issue.

Now, Prachanda’s new residence has started attracting the attention of international media questioning his credibility as a lead
er of poor people.

UK newspaper The Telegraph has published an article titled "Nepali Maoist leader adopts millionaire’s lifestyle." The article mentions his role in overthrowing monarchy and his ultimate adoption of royal lifestyle.

The leader of Nepal’s ruling Maoists, who led the country’s downtrodden masses in the guerrilla war which eventually overthrew its monarchy, has provoked a row among his comrades after acquiring a luxury mansion with a swimming pool and badminton court.

Indian newspaper Indian Express published an article today titled "Prachanda moves into lavish house; media slams ‘red feudalism’ " in which the reporter writes: p>  Continue reading

Prachanda's new house / Everest Bank building / owned or leased ?

The CPN Maoist chairman Prachanad has moved to a new residence in Lazimpat from his earlier home of the last five and half years, in Naya Bazar.

Kantipur published a photo of a red brick house as Prachanda’s new house. But, Prachanda son, Prakash Dahal, has posted a facebook wall post, accusing the newspaper of publishing the building of Everest Bank as their home.

Although various media have told that the new residence is their own, Prakash said in his Facebook profile that the new house is also rented for a limited time. To the question about the rumor that the house was their own, Prakash replied:

The photo below is the actual residence of Prachanda (Photo credit – Nagarik).

In Nepalese context, it is not easy to believe in politicians. These days, it is even harder to believe the newspapers or media.

Talking about irresponsibility of Nepali media, Nepal Samacharpatra and Avenues TV published a "Research Based" news by researching a comedy article – saying that Bollywood actor Amitabh Bhachchan has Nepali roots. But, even after a lot of ridiculation, the media houses haven’t felt the need to clarify their news.

Let’s hope, Nepali newspaper will act a
bit more matured in the future and we we will always be told the truth!

Father of Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) died

2017 Update: Prachanda’s son, Prakash Dahal has also died on November 19, 2017. In the mean time, Prachanda has also lost a daughter to cancer. I have prepared a video report on the death of his immediate family members in the time of peace.

The response to the death of Prakash is mixed. A lot of people who had been affected by the Maoist civil war have told that, Prachanda is punished for is bad deeds. Others believe that the deceased soul shouldn’t be debated on and we should wish it to rest in peace. But, people’s thoughts and beliefs can’t be changed easily. So, I believe it is good to have our own views but, we can’t instruct others on behaving according to our choice. As long as it is not illegal and punishable, people should be free to express their opinion.

Original post continues:

After being seriously ill for some time, the father of ex-prime minister and chairman of UNCP (Maoist), Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda), Mukti Ram Dahal, has died on October 8, 2011. Mukti Nath Dahal was 84 years old. Muktinath’s wife and Prachanda’s mother, Bhawani Dahal, had died of cancer in 1995.

Our heartfelt condolence to the deceased soul and sympathy to the mourning Dahal family.

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Sole PM candidate didn't win – Weird Nepal!

Even after one of the two contestants for the post of Prime Minister, UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, has finally pulled himself out from the prime ministerial race another candidate, Ram Chandra Paudel of Nepali Congress (NC), refused to give up.

What is more strange is that the sole candidate, Poudel, failed to secure majority yet again in the eighth round of voting on Sunday.

Only 189 lawmakers out of 598 active members in the 601-seat parliament, casted their votes in the election. Poudel
, the sole candidate, secured a mere 116 votes and was declared defeated.