Hamesha premiered in a jail, releasing on 12 April with Notebook

Movies are usually premiered in theaters and hotels but, this time, a movie is premiered in a most unusual place, a jail. Rekha Thapa‘s upcoming movie, ‘Hamesha’ was premiered among 600 convicted criminals in the jail in Dillibazar. Nepali Congress leader Khum Bahadur Khadka who is serving his jail terms was also among the viewers.

hamesha poster

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Charles Sobhraj was using mobile phones in jail – police suspect Nihita for supplying them

Charles Sobhraj was found using mobile phone, against the rule, of the jail he is kept in. The police had found a mobile phone, SIM card, and an iPod from his room during a surprise check. The police has identified Nihita Biswas as the main culprit in supplying those stuffs to him and is seeking to prosecute her on those charges.

The police went to search in Sobhraj’s room on a tip-off. When they reached there, Sobhraj managed to chew a Ncell SIM card while another SIM was found under his bed. With the SIM, there were two Samsung mobile sets, memory card, memory card reader, headphone, and a charger.

The police has also claimed to have found more important stuffs in Sobhraj’s cell. If convicted Nihita and Sobhraj will be jailed for 6 months and have to pay a fine of Rs 200 (less than $3.00!).

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