Manisha Koirala caught dead drunk in a party

manisha-koirala-drunk_escortedWe haven’t heard much good news about Manisha Koirala these days. Her re-entry in Nepali movie wasn’t that effective and the marriage didn’t work either. She had been seeking inner peace by visiting various yoga camps and she still doesn’t seem to have gathered herself up, yet.

Manisha was caught in a very unpleasant drunken state at a newly opened restaurant. It was the opening ceremony of the new restaurant, Versova, owned and operated by her ex-boyfriend Prashant Chaudhari.

Dressed in black-grey dress, Manisha, wasn’t able to control herself and was escorted to her residence by her friends.

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Manisha Koirala – former Boyfriends and affairs, a revisit on her wedding day

Falling in and out of love seems like a regular exercise for commitment-phobic Manisha Koirala in her initial days of movies career. But, in the later stages when she wanted to settle down she couldn’t find anybody willing to commit, until Samrat Dahal came in picture. Starting with the first Bollywood movie, Manisha has been linked with a very wide range of males in Bollywood. Some, that went a little further than rumor, are listed below.

Vivek Mushran: Her co-star in her debut film Saudagar, Manisha dated Vivek during her initial days in the industry.

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