Manisha Koirala – former Boyfriends and affairs, a revisit on her wedding day

Falling in and out of love seems like a regular exercise for commitment-phobic Manisha Koirala in her initial days of movies career. But, in the later stages when she wanted to settle down she couldn’t find anybody willing to commit, until Samrat Dahal came in picture. Starting with the first Bollywood movie, Manisha has been linked with a very wide range of males in Bollywood. Some, that went a little further than rumor, are listed below.

Vivek Mushran: Her co-star in her debut film Saudagar, Manisha dated Vivek during her initial days in the industry.


Crispin Conroy: The Australian Ambassador to Nepal, Manisha and Crispin dated for a long time. Crispin was reportedly madly in love with Manisha and the couple even got engaged in 2000 but a year later Manisha broke the engagement saying that she wasn’t prepared for marriage.

Nana Patekar: After breaking-up with Crispin, Manisha walked into the arms of her Agnisakshi co-star Nana Patekar, a married man. While Manisha hoped that Nana would leave his wife for her, it never happened and Manisha was left dejected and depressed.

DJ Whosane: After her break-up with Nana, Manisha was emotionally hurt and during this time she met Whosane. She had confessed that he had helped her fight her emotional battles. They were even living together but the moment Whosane talked about marriage Manisha chickened.

Cecil Anthony: In 2003 Manisha went to London to study film-making and that is when she met Cecil, a London based Nigerian businessman. The couple started a long-distance relationship with Manisha making frequent trips to London. They were also discussing marriage until Manisha decided to have a small fling with newcomer Aryan Vaid.

Aryan Vaid: Vaid was a newcomer in Market, a C-grade film. It is told that, Manisha did another C-grade film Chahat Ek Nasha just to be with Aryan. Manisha wan’t happy when Aryan talked about their relationship, and derived immense publicity from this affair.

Prashant Chaudhari: It seemed that Manisha had found a soul mate in the younger Prashant. Apparently, Prashant’s family wasn’t too keen on the relationship and the couple broke-off.

Akshay: Manisha dated an Australian of Indian origin, Akshay, for about a year. She was seen at all the parties and society events with him. A struggler, Akshay and Manisha split because Manisha wanted to marry him while Akshay didn’t.

Sandeep Chowta : Manisha Koirala was reported to have an affair music director Sandeep Chowta, a music director, in 2007. At that time Manisha Koirala was recently broken up with her Australian boyfriend Akshay. Sandeep had, in the past, dated actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Sushmita Sen, Urvashi Dholakia, and Manisha was also added to the list in some time.

Christopher Dorris: After a long affair with Dorris, a sports counselor, author and entrepreneur there was a rumor of marriage being finalized in 2009. But, they also broke up recently before Manisha announced her marriage plan with Samrat Dahal.

When Manisha broke-up with one of her foreign boyfriends, she had then said that, “I think the timing wasn’t correct. I want to marry for the right reasons and not because my biological clock is ticking away. I believe in the institution of marriage and want it to be permanent.”

Manisha with her boyfriend Christopher Dorris, a sports counselor, author and entrepreneur, with whom there was rumor of her secret marriage in 2009.

That was a long complicated love story. On the marriage day of hers, I wish the saga of love affair will stop with Samrat Dahal and they will live happily ever after. We wish them a very happy married life!

27 thoughts on “Manisha Koirala – former Boyfriends and affairs, a revisit on her wedding day

  1. why did she marry , i dont understand , MARRIAGE IS NOT SUITABLE AFTER HABITUALLY NEEDING A NEW MAN EVERY YEAR .Marriage needs extreme
    commitment and when one is not interested in having and raising kids no need
    to marry just for the sake of marriage.
    These type of women should remain single and adopt orphan children like

  2. What about flings with Rahul Roy ( I think that was the first), as reported by Stardust, there were others in her early days in industry.

  3. Samrat Dahal, Married to her is because of the financial greediness. Manisha is totally imperfect for the perfect man. The way she is running with and is her choice. She could have made one Boy Friend and married to him. She spoiled her life her own self.

    Everyone is free to live their life own life. But reading into her story and counting her boyfriends, Manisha deserve what she currently have.

  4. She did not spoil anything. How come nobody is talking about Nana Patekar dating her while HE was married! Didn’t he spoil the image of our great nation? Double standards? Shame on you to everyone trying to spoil Manish Koirala. It takes two to tango. Now that she’s happy, that’s all that matters.

  5. Manisha is as lovable as I am ready to marry her anytime even in her old days of age.
    I am actually crazy for her and jealous to those she had related with.

  6. We all knew Manisha’s Image; I don’t like Manisha’s attitude. She has spoiled our nation and disappointed in the past.

  7. Its not a great deal to have bf now a days even many girls had 4-5 boyfriends, any way she got understanding husband.

  8. Wow she did a world tour of a boyfriend and ended up with good old bajey from Nepal. la la Thik cha but why are people on Manisha Wedding talking in Hindi????

  9. I support to the xnepali .This is not to spoil her life.what to spoil if it is already so?everybody knows how is she so very sorry to say her fans that she is lucky to get such idiot like samrat.

  10. with reference to the above mentioned reality article that i would like to suggestion both of Samrat and Manisha first fal you have to consider it And both together start new life. Do not listen others thing

  11. This article is just to spoil the image of our bollywood star!.who does not have affair?Aishwarya had affairs with three men…we know that..salman vivek and there is one more guy in her starter days of modelling..Actress Rekha had affair with Amitabh ..also vinod some magazine i read she had affair with akshay kumar !!and sanjay dutt !!…..So what manisha has or had affairs in the past…needs no explanation..she’s just a human leave her alone..!

    • @suveksha
      This article is not published to spoil the image of Manisha but to clarify the undue rumors about her.
      There have been rumors of her affairs with producers and directors for different reasons.
      I wanted to tell that she is a normal girl and she did have crush for different guys at different times… and it was nothing to do with getting into films.
      I have compiled this list so that, like everybody, she had different boyfriends at different times … which is quite normal these days…. Ask Namrata, if you wish. :-)

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