Mother actress Arunima Lamsal gets a mother’s role in Pipal

After giving birth to her first baby, Nepali Actress Arunima Lamsal hasn’t been able to get a good movie for the last couple of years. The only movie she had done after 19 months of giving birth to her child was ‘Urvashi’. In the upcoming movie, Arunima will be featured as a Dalit mother.

arunima_lamsal_birth of_daughter_19 months back

Arunima is excited about the character as it is the first time Arunima is featured as a Dalit woman. She is also satisfied that the producers have fulfilled all her demands. The movie is directed by Sachinraj Amatya and the shooting will start on the Holi day. Arunima confidently told that she will actively start acting in movies in coming days.

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