When a minister wants to divide the country!

UPDATE (below)- CPN-Maoist letter raises question – whose government is it?

Another ‘Can Only Happen in Nepal’ – the defense minister of Nepal, a member of MJF-Gachhedar party, had talked about the possibility of 22 Terai districts wanting to separate from Nepal. The Defense Minister, Sarat Singh Bhandari’s statement indicated that he might participate in the separatist movement. Read more in Katnipur.

In protest against the minister’s statement, various protests are being organized in social media like Facebook and Twitter.


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Chhath Puja – Festival of Terai

Chhath Puja, originated from Bihar, is being observed in some parts of West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Mauritius, and Nepal – mainly among the Bhojpuri and Maithili speaking people. Nepalese worshippers of the Sun god celebrate Chhath as a mean of being grateful to the Sun for giving the bounties of life on earth and for the fulfillment of wishes of its believers. Chhath is mostly celebrated in Nepal’s Eastern Terai and is one of the most popular festival in the region.  Continue reading