Chhath Puja – Festival of Terai

Chhath Puja, originated from Bihar, is being observed in some parts of West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Mauritius, and Nepal – mainly among the Bhojpuri and Maithili speaking people. Nepalese worshippers of the Sun god celebrate Chhath as a mean of being grateful to the Sun for giving the bounties of life on earth and for the fulfillment of wishes of its believers. Chhath is mostly celebrated in Nepal’s Eastern Terai and is one of the most popular festival in the region.  Continue reading

In secular state, Nepal, police arrest Muslim for selling cow meat

cowIt was back in May 18 of 2006, Nepal was pronounced a secular state and was no longer the ‘only Hindu nation in the world’. But, a news published on Nov. 5 in Kantipur and Himalayan Times implies that Nepal is still a ‘Hindu Kingdom’ in practice.

A Muslim from Siraha, Eastern Nepal, Mohammad Sabir, was arrested on charges of selling cow meat. Muslims don’t worship cows, and the "New Nepal" respects every religions.

Then, why is a Muslim arrested for selling cow meat? Is it only because Hindu (80% of the population) don’t eat it? Well, Muslims don’t eat pigs. Does that mean butchers selling pig meat should be arrested ?

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