Teej Pari 2012 is Ramila Pokhrel

The third Teej Pari contest is held today (on September 1, 2012) in the Lazimpat Tourism Development Board office. One of the very few beauty contests held for married women in Nepal, Teej Pari is held before the Teej festival.

The participants of the contest was trained by the senior choreographer Kala Subba. The second Teej pari 2011 (2068) Himani Subba helped Kala Subba in the training.

After the event Himani Subba crowned the Teej Pari 2012, Ramila Pokhrel. The first runner up in the contest was Romi Ghimire. The second runner up was Namrata Karki. There were 10 participants t
o claim the title of this year’s Teej Pari.

The winners:


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Former crown princess Himani celebrated Teej

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The 33-year-old, former crown princess Himani looked beautiful in a red sari at a program organized by the Tourism Development Board in Lazimpat, Kathmandu to celebrate Teej and choose ‘Teej Pari’ of this year.

The participants of the beauty contest ‘Teej Pari’ are married women and this is among a few beauty contest organized for married women.

The three-member jury to choose this year’s Teej Pari or ‘Mrs. Nepal’ included the first Miss Nepal, Ruby Rana.  The former crown princess placed the crown on the head of Kusum Bajracharya, the Teej Pari 2010.

Himani is originally from India’s Rajasthan. In recent time she is seen doing things normal citizen are doing like – paragliding in Pokhara, shopping in Kathmandu’s malls, and taking her children to the cinema.

Following gallery features photographs of Himani in the Teej event (photo credits – Deepesh Karki/onlinekhabar).