Let everybody use National Flag on their vehicles

Nepal is probably the only country in the world where people can’t have their national flag on their vehicles. The Nepali national flag is only allowed to be hoisted on the vehicles of high ranking leaders/officials including the President, Prime Minister, and Chief Justice among others.

Why can’t general citizens be proud of their national flag and have it decorated on their vehicles? I salute the owner of this vehicle with the Nepali flag attached to it.


Photo by – Bikash Achary (Bikash thinks it is the misuse of the flag.)

UPDATE: According to the Royal rule (1992 policy) only the following individuals can hoist flags in their residence, office and vehicles :

    • Members of the general public can hoist the national flag in their private homes and offices to celebrate the coronation of a king and his birthday, and to mark national unity day and democracy day.
    • The prime minister, chief justice, speaker of the House of Representatives, chairs of the upper house and the Royal Council, and chiefs of diplomatic missions may display a flag on their official residence, vehicle and office.
    • A 1959 government directive allows the ministers to hoist the flag on their official vehicles while commuting to and from official ceremonies.
    • In 1992, the deputy prime minister, deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, assistant ministers and the deputy chair of the Upper House were given permission to affix the flag to their official vehicles for official ceremonies.

I am not aware of any changes to these rules. Please comment if you know of any government rules that make such provisions invalid.

Delhi concert of Bryan Adams canceled

The concert of Bryan Adams scheduled to be conducted on Feb 15 was canceled at the last moment. According to the ticketing site kyazoonga.com, they have received instructions from the organizers stating that the Bryan Adams concert in Delhi has been postponed.

Details of the new venue, date & time will be available later this evening.

The site has requested the customers have booked tickets online and through retail outlets, not to go the the NSIC venue to pick up the tickets.

The site promises to refund the ticket price if they don’t want to attend the rescheduled concert.

< p>Bryan Adams is scheduled to perform in the Indian city Hyderabad on Wednesday. He will perform in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Thursday and Friday and will be performing in Kathmandu on Saturday.

Adams has already performed in Indian cities Mumbai (Feb 12) and Bangalore (Feb 13). In the concerts Bryan was accompanied by his band comprising lead guitarist Keith Scott, and Michael Curry on the drums. The songs he performed were the hits of the 1980s.

Three schoolgirls on a scooter making fun of traffic rules

It is not only a security nightmare but also against the law to transport three people on a two wheeler. Nagariknews published the following photo showing three schoolgirls in their school dress travelling on a scooter. The photo was taken in the heart of Kathmandu, Narayanhiti Palace. It is to be noted that the headquarter of Traffic Police is within a few minutes’ walk from the scene.

Photo credits Nagariknews

Final preparation of Bryan Adams concert

Canadian singer Bryan Adams is going to perfrom for about two hours in Dashrath Stadium, Kathmandu on February 19, 2011.

Three Nepali bands to perform before Bryan Adams 

Three Nepali bands will also perform at that time before Bryan arrives
. The event starts at 3:00 PM with DJ session. At 5:00 PM Nepali national anthem will be sung. The Nepali bands 1974 AD, Namaste and Mongolian Heart will perform, for about half an hours each, untill 6:45 PM. At 7:00 PM Bryan Adams will start his live performance. The event will be wrapped up at 9:00 PM.

Raju Lama of Mangolian Hearts is coming travelling back from US just to perform in the event. The band will perform three songs. Ishwor Gurung of Namaste band will perform with a Japanese artist in the event. 1974 AD is going to perform four songs including "Yo man ta mero Nepali ho..".

Security briefing at the stadium in preparation of the concert (photo source – Facebook).