The Wait is over, Anmol KC and Aditi Budhathoki romance movie Kri shooting starts

That was a long wait — more than a year after the annoucement, the shooting of the next movie of Anmol KC has started in Lalitpur on April 24, 2017. That was after multiple delays and rumours.

On the first day of shooting the film crew members inaugurated the shooting at Budhanilkantha temple. The first shooting was held at Emperial Apartment, Sanepa, Lalitpur. According to reports, the shooting will last for 60 days at locations in Kathmandu and Abu Khaireni, Gorkha.

Two bodyguards – photos banned at the sets

I don’t have any photos of the inauguration of the movie. That is because, no photos were allowed at the sets of the movie. In addition to that, the lead actor Anmol KC is also provided with two bodyguards so that he won’t be disturbed by his fans at the set of the movie.

Anmol KC has been in the hiding with occasional surprise appearances a few times in the last one year. She reportedly was preparing for the movie and is supposed to be featured in a new looks in the new movie. He is also being paid the highest pay in the Nepali film industry for his role in the movie – 20 lakh.

The details of the story and other aspects of the movie are kept secret. In one report, the actor Anmol KC is being told to be featured as a British army (but, that is just a rumour). It seems, we would need to wait a while to know the details about the plot or the looks of the artists in the movie.

A report I prepared a while ago about his peek-a-boo game :

Aditi Budhathoki returns back from India

The lead actress of ‘Kri’ Aditi Budhathoki has also arrived in Kathmandu from Mumbai. She however wasn’t seen at the set of the movie.

The following video gives the details on (I made this video in August of 2016)

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About ‘Kri’

The fifth movie of Anmol KC is titled ‘Kri’ and was announced a year ago. For an unheard-of amount of fee, Rs. 2 million – Anmol KC had agreed to be locked in for the preparation of the movie for a year.

Anmol signed in the agreement with Subas Entertainment and Super Kajol Films in June of 2016 for the love action drama movie ‘Kri’. At that time, the movie was told to to go to floor in March. But, the shooting was delayed a couple of months.

At that time, the movie was told to be shot in London and Nepal. Now, it seems, the London shooting seem to have been canceled.

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