Trending #1 – Paras Shah and Ram Krishna scandal

The video featuring the details of the scandal between Paras Shah and Ram Krishna Dhakal has gained an unprecedented viewership in YouTube. The video attracted a lot of negative comments. But, those who liked the video made it popular without commenting.

Watch video:

Although the video didn’t have any new information, people assumed it to give a negative message. I believe there is more to the story that what is being told by either Ram Krishna Dhakal or the others.

The Truth about Ram Krishna Dhakal and Paras Shah

I would rather say it is a half truth. Because, the full truth won’t be revealed either by Ram Krishna or Paras. The half-truth is:

Ram Krishna and his wife Neelam Dhakal (Shah) went to Club Himalaya at Nagarkot. The crown-prince at that time, Paras Shah, was there with his friends and bodyguards. Paras asked Ram Krishna to sing some songs for him. Ram Krishna says that he sang for about three hours for the prince. Ram Krishna and his wife also had dinner with Paras.

What happened after dinner is controversial.

Ram Krishna Dhakal told that, the body guards of Paras Shah asked him to keep distance when being with the prince. Ram Krishna wasn’t happy by the way bodyguards treated him they and a bit of a trouble. But, when Paras later knew about the incident he reportedly told, “Ram Krishna is my friend and he can do whatever he likes.” Ram Krishna says, the bodyguards got pissed off after that.

The newspapers at that time reported that Ram Krishna was beaten and he had to be rushed to the hospital. Ram Krishna met with the prince later and also went to the newspaper office to “tell the truth”. The reporters were not willing to listen to Dhakal because they believe their source was reliable. Later after much pressure, the newspaper agreed to publish a correction notice.

The incident happened on the first anniversary of Ram Krishna Dhakal and Neelam Dhakal marriage. They were married on Mangsir 14, of 2059 BS (November 30, 2002). The incident likely occurred on November 30 of 2003.

Dates to be noted:

– Durbar Hatyakanda had occurred two years ago in 2001
– Paras was appointed Crown Prince during the Dashain festival of 2001
– Gyanendra had sacked the prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba in October of 2002 and was an absolute power. Although he appointed Lokendra Bahadur Chand and replaced him by Surya Bahadur Thapa in 2003 as the prime minister, everybody knew it was like an absolute monarchy.

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