Trying to be the Donald Trump of Nepal, Binod Chaudhary

Binod Chaudhary is the only dollar-billionaire of Nepal who has been listed as one of the richest person in the world by Forbes magazine since 2013. The businessman is currently running for a political post through Nepal Congress party. There have been mixed reaction on Chaudhary’s political desire. Some say that he might be the Nepal’s version of US president Donald Trump. Others differ in their opinion.

Let ma analyze the difference and the similarities of the US President and Chaudhary:

Political Enemies : Trump is known for his attack towards his opponents. He is known to wage war against the main-stream US media like CNN and New York Times. Binod Chaudhary is exactly the opposite. He is soft spoken towards his opponents. He is a diplomatic businessman who doesn’t make any enemies at all.

Family Background – While Trump is the third generation of the Trump organization business family, Chaudhary is the second-generation in Chaudhary Group. It seems, Trump is more caple of taking risk (read that “huge risks”) whereas, Binod Chaudhary isn’t willing to take such risks.

Supporters – Trump has die-hard supporters and he is equally unpopular. While the most of the world detest him, the American people have elected him to lead the USA. Being the world’s economic super-power, that is literally equivalent to leading the world. When it comes to Chaudhary, there aren’t people who are die-hard supporters or the enemies. He can swing some votes by his monetary power and can use his party’s political influence. But, on a personal basis, Chaudhary can’t be considered a strong political force.

There however is curisicty towards Chaudhary. People wanted to see what a dollar-billionare looks like, what does he talk like. If he will be successful or not will largely be dependent on how he can manage to influence the curious crowd in voting for him.

Businessmen in politics

It is not only US president, politics has attracted a lot of businessmen, all over the world. Talking about South Asia, Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan came fro business background. The businessman involved in textile, sugar and steel industry became the prime minister of Pakistan in 1997 and he led the country multiple times. In India, a lot of businessmen have opted politics as their career. Naveen Jindel of Jindal Group, Rajiv Shukla, J. Janardan Reddi, Bijaya Malwa, Kupendra Reddi etc. have been the members of their parliaments. Some of them had handed over their business to their children to jump into politics.

In Nepal, some businessmen entered politics by participating in the election held in 2064 BS. In the first Constitution Assembly (CA), Binod Chaudhary, Rajendra Kumar Khetan, Moti Duggad, Padma Jyoti, Diwakar Golchha, Shrawan Kumar Agrawal, Bimal Kedia, Madhu Sudhan Agarwal, Hemraj Tated became the member of CA. These 12 CA members were the major business community in the parliament at that time.

In the second CA election held in 2070, businessperson like Rajyalaxmi Golchha, Pawankumar Sharada, Geeta Rana, Baburam Pokharel, Umesh Shrestha, Mahendra Sherchan became CA members. Moti Duggad also started a political party named Nawa Nepal Party. But, the party later merged with CPN (UML).

Although Binod Chuadhary had been the CA member in the past, this year he has decided to enter in active politics by joining Nepali Congress party. The party is trying to cash his popularity by taking him in the election campaigns all over Nepal.

Chaudhary Group family business

Binod Chaudhary’s father Luna Karandas Chaudhary had started Chaudhary Group and now it is transferred to the third generation. Binod’s sons Nirban Chaudhary and Barun Chhaudhary are leading the main business of the Group. Binod’s brother Arun’s son Karan Chaudhary is running Auto and Entertainment wings of the business. The daughter of another brother of Binod, Basanta’s daughter Megha Chaudhary, is running Norvic Hospital.

Strong monetary strength of Binod Chaudhary is believed to be helpful in the Nepal Congress election campaign. Some believe, Chaudhary is the new Suwarna Shumsher of Nepali Congress. When a part of Nepali Congress was born as ‘Nepal Democratic Congress’ in 2005 BS, under the chairmanship of Mahendra Bikram Shah, Suwarna Shumsher was the major economic source.

The ‘Nepal Deomcratic Congress’ and ‘Nepali Congress’ merged in the Calcutta conversion in 2006 BS. Suwarna Shumsher had provided funds to organize the convention. Suwarna Shumsher was later appointed the first finance minister of Nepal. He is credited to be the first minister to prepare a budget for the country.

Businessmen in party politics

Running a political party needs funds. As they are not involved in money generating business, they largely depend on the funds provided by the businessmen to run the party. Although Suwarna Shumsher wasn’t a businessman, he was one of the richest person of his time. All political parties receive donations from businesses. That way, the businesses can ensure their interests in the drafting of laws and business agreements.

There are positive and negative effects of businessmen in politics. Better than the politicians themselves, the businessmen understand the economic, business and administration aspects of laws and agreements. Their understanding however can adversely be used in influencing the politicians in making the laws favourable to themselves.

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