Usha Poudel movies, who is Usha Poudel ?

Originally published on May 6, 2010. The post is rewritten on November 25, 2016. The full list of movies of Usha Poudel is also added:

Usha Poudel Movies:

Nepali Movie – Muna Madan (Usha Poudel)
Nepali Movie – Chhaya
Nepali Movie – Trinetra
Nepali Movie – Badmash
Nepali Movie – Achanak
Nepali Movie – Jwalamukhi
Nepali Movie – Damini
Nepali Movie – Chor Sipahi
Nepali Film – Maya Nagara
Nepali Film – Pale Dai
Nepali Movie – Palpalma (2011)
Nepali Movie – Nepali Bir
Nepali Movie – Baaji
Nepali Movie – Rajya
Nepali Movie – Bharosa
Nepali Movie – Naya Nepal
Nepali Movie – Yuddha
Nepali Movie – Krodh

Usha Poudel in her own words

The following text is the translation of what Usha had told about herself (in Nepali). I have tried to make the translation as accurate as possible.


I was born on July 18, 1983 in Janakpur, Dhanusa to Kamal Prasad Poudel and mother Mittu Poudel. I have an elder sister and a younger brother.

We came to Kathmandu when I was just a child, and its been about 19 years that we have settled here in Kathmandu. Since my childhood I was somewhat mischievous and I loved to dance a lot but I was never good at studies. Once I stole 20 rupees from my father’s pocket and after coating it with mud and dust I showed it to my father saying that I found it in the road. My dad told me that he also had misplaced a 20 rupee note somewhere, and eventually found out the real story behind it. But he did not say anything to me nor did he punish me but then I was really scared. I can never forget that one incident ever.

I started my schooling from Kanti Ishwori Lower Secondary School in Kathmandu, I studied there till grade 5th and then joined Mahendra Bhrikuti School where I studied till the 6th grade and my education from 7th grade till SLC was done from Kanti Ishowri Kanya School. After SLC I got involved into acting and couldn’t continue my academics, actually I didn’t have much interest in studies.

Journey Into Acting

I was always interested in dancing; right from my childhood. When I was 13 years old I performed at a program and a gentleman from Audio Sound Industries happen to be present and he noticed me. The company used to look after the distribution and marketing of movie soundtracks and lots of movie related people visited the company. That gentleman introduced me to the movie producer Ramkrishna Bajagai who offered me a role in his movie ‘Jangay’ but since I was just a kid, I couldn’t do the role. Later he assured me of working with me later in one of his movies and he did give me my first break in ‘Karma’. As I used to perform on stage before I didn’t have any hassle facing the camera for the first time, and director Dayaram Dahal also helped me out.

‘Muna Madan’  followed soon and this is the movie that got me established in the industry. I have done altogether 21 movies till date and some of the movies that I worked in are ‘Godhuli’, ‘Timro Maya’, ‘Pyari Bahini’, ‘Ganga’, ‘Jetho Kancho’, ‘Ram Laxman’, ‘Baaz’, ‘Krodh’, ‘Maya Nagara’. These days I am busy with the shooting of ‘Jwalamukhi’. Apart from that I am also working on Melina Manandhar’s tele serial ‘Karuna’. Before ‘Karuna’ I had also worked on serials like ‘Puspanjali’, ‘Kasali Aafno Bhanum’ and ‘Dui Din Ko Jindagani’.

When I used to go to a movie as a spectator, I used to hear a lot of bad things about different actresses. But when I myself entered the movie industry as an actress I came to know that all the talks and gossip were presented without knowing the truth and fact about the particular actresses. Actually there is no dark side or negative aspect to the movie industry, its just that things are exaggerated more than what it actually is. As far as I know all the news and scandals that are published in the magazines are all fake or someone publishes them just to settle their grudges. I became all clear on this matter once I entered the movie industry. But then lots of people also talk about physical, mental and financial exploitation that occurs in the industry. All I can say is – if two people don’t have any objection in having a physical relationship then there is no way it can be called physical exploitation and as finances, sometimes there are occasions when the payment is rather lesser than what it was initially agreed upon, and that is not a big thing in the industry if you can settle it amicably.
I used to work in a dance restaurant as a dancer before I came into the movie industry. This is my profession and I respect my work. At one time I was really in need of money and I started working as a dancer and I still do so. I used to perform at Daisy Spider and now I am doing numbers at ShowPalace. But these days I can’t give much time to it because of my busy movie schedules.

I have traveled to quite a few places including London, Austria, Germany, Holland, Japan, Belgium, Korea, Qatar, Malaysia in the course of my work and now I am scheduled to perform at Dubai on the 13th of March. I do have plans of continuing my career here in the movie industry but lets see… I won’t mind changing lanes if a better opportunity knocks on the door.


Me Myself

I am a very frank natured woman, and I really feel sad when I see old and week people especially in the streets begging. My bad habit is that I am rather short tempered but I get convinced easily too.

Sometimes I speak more than what is actually required and this often hurts certain people, and I really hate this habit of mine. I also have a nature of trusting anyone easily too.

What is Love and Marriage ?

Love should be shared with everyone. But, I don’t believe in love that occurs during
the teenage stages and I don’t like that too. Though love is everything here it is being misused. Marriage is an essential phase of the journey of life, because it would be difficult to spend the rest of your life alone and there are certain things that can be shared only in a married relationship.

What is sex?

Sex is a physical need of every human being. I don’t think sex should be taken as a serious matter. As every whisper is a matter of curiosity, sex is somewhat similar to it and should be taken normally.

If there is a mutual understanding then I don’t think it matters whoever we have sex with, but it should not be a matter to be regretted later. Firstly sex should be taken as a matter of pleasure and we should not keep a narrow mind about it.

I haven’t thought about marriage till now and I don’t know what will happen in the future!

The following part was about an Interview of Usha in 2010

Nepali actress Usha Poudel has told that she want to adopt a kid to become a virgin mom. She doesn’t want to marry now, but she likes kids very much so she found a easy solution to the problem. Usha told that she likes baby girls very much. Usha was talking to the journalists of Nayapatrika.

In her free time, Usha Poudel teaches dance to the kids aged 4 to 20 at her home for free.

Usha’s upcoming films are ‘Rana Sangram’, ‘Palpalma’, ‘Mero Gati Ke Hune Ho’, ‘Sathi re’, ‘Damini’, and ‘Aljhechha Kyare Pacheuri’ are waiting to be released soon. Shooting of a movie named ‘Kassam’ has stalled due to the absence of Nikhil Upreti.

Apart from movies, Usha has acted in more than two dozens music videos. She doesn’t find much difference in acting in a movie and a music video. She says, “Acting is same in movies and music video,’ she added, ‘The only difference is that the response of music video comes sooner than the movies.”

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