Valentine Day special – Failed love, Sarita Giri and Saugat Malla

Actress Sarita Giri and actor Saugat Malla unknowingly fell in love and it lasted for 9 years before they separated. It has been four years since they separated and Sarita still misses the Valentine Days of those days.

sarita giri and saugat malla

When they were living in Gurukul hostel, Sarita used to deliver flowers and chocolates to Saugat’s room every Valentine Days. He used to do the same and they share surprise gifts.

Sarita went to MR Theater of Birendra Hamal to get acting training right after she appeared in SLC exam. For the first time, Sarita met Saugat Malla there. On the first meeting she thought Saugat had a scary body. Their friendship grew while working together in plays. The budding love while being trained as actors grew more when they started living in Gurukul hostel. They spent about 10 years together. At that time, Sarita would choose what Saugat wore and they would fit him perfectly. These days, Saugat makes such choices himself.

Saugat and Sarita were featured in various stage shows and street plays. They were liked by viewers and it was a hit couple on stage. The love between Sarita and Saugat ended before the theater house Gurukul closed.

Sarita says, "We didn’t have any misunderstanding and we never quarreled. We separated to make our families happy." Sarita adds, "We could have left our family and live together. But, after discussion with each other – we decided that separation is the best way out."

They took 2-years to make the decision to separate. Even after the separation, Saugat and Sarita are still good friends.

Sarita is rumored to get married soon to a person living in Auatralia.

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