Rajesh Hamal marriage delayed, again !

Once again, marriage has been delayed. In a latest report, Rajesh told that his marriage is postponed for now. A while ago, Rajesh had told that the marriage will be held in February – March of 2014 (watch the attached video).

Initially, Rajesh had wanted to get married in 2010. Due to various reasons, the marriage had been delayed multiple times. Last year, Rajesh had told that he will not delay more than the winter. But, when his family member couldn’t gather in Kathmandu in the Feb/March schedule, he has to delay the marriage again.

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Valentine Day special – Failed love, Sarita Giri and Saugat Malla

Actress Sarita Giri and actor Saugat Malla unknowingly fell in love and it lasted for 9 years before they separated. It has been four years since they separated and Sarita still misses the Valentine Days of those days.

sarita giri and saugat malla

When they were living in Gurukul hostel, Sarita used to deliver flowers and chocolates to Saugat’s room every Valentine Days. He used to do the same and they share surprise gifts.

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Singer Anil Singh proposed Rekha Thapa while singing at Star FM Music Award ceremony

At the time when the love festival – Valentine Day is nearing, singer Anil Thapa offered his love proposal to actress Rekha Thapa. The incident happened during the Star FM Music Award program in which singer Anil Singh was singing his popular song ‘I Love you … ‘

While singing the song, Anil went to the seat Rekha was sitting and led her to the stage. On stage, Anil went on his knees and proposed while singing. Rekha found it funny and laughed at all the time. In his facebook message Anil Singh wrote, "It is an honor and privilege to share stage along with superstar Rekha Thapa."

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