Rajesh Hamal marriage delayed, again !

Once again, marriage has been delayed. In a latest report, Rajesh told that his marriage is postponed for now. A while ago, Rajesh had told that the marriage will be held in February – March of 2014 (watch the attached video).

Initially, Rajesh had wanted to get married in 2010. Due to various reasons, the marriage had been delayed multiple times. Last year, Rajesh had told that he will not delay more than the winter. But, when his family member couldn’t gather in Kathmandu in the Feb/March schedule, he has to delay the marriage again.

But, Rajesh’s version of the reason of the delay doesn’t sound true on the lights of the rumor that the astrologer, Harihar Adhikari, who had asked him to delay the marriage in 2010 has asked to delay it again.

rajesh hamal - jyotish

This time, Rajesh has indicated that he wanted to get married as soon as possible. The next schedule might be Baisakh (April-May). We hope the 50plus actor will realize that he is the one who is getting married and not any of his family members. So, he shouldn’t delay his marriage because somebody else couldn’t attend it. If the rumor of astrologer’s role is true, we think Rajesh should believe in his love and Madhu Bhattarai rather than an astrologer.

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