Vote for Nepal caused Miss World to extends voting for Head to Head Challenge

The unprecedented votes from Nepal has caused the organizers of Miss World 2018 to extend the voting from Nov. 28 to Nov 30.

Video report:

Following is the message shared by Miss World:

Due to record high voting figures, to ensure that all have a chance to vote, we have extended the voting of the Head to Head Challenge until November 30th, 5PM LST
Remember there are 4 ways to vote for your favourite contestants…

1. Liking their OFFICIAL Miss World Contestant Facebook Page
2. Voting for them on the Miss World Website – – Click the link, click the contestant, and click VOTE.
3. Liking and commenting on their photos on their OFFICIAL MobStar accounts.
4. Voting for them on the Model Power Live Website- – Click the link, click the contestant and click like OR on the Model Power Live Android App available in the Google Play Store
The winner of each Head to Head Challenge Group will advance to Round 2!

Miss Nepal is getting support from Nepali all around the globe. Following post of Shrinkhala is an example of how Nepali are helping her:

and Nepali in China:

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The happiness of meeting Nepali supporters in a foreign land is priceless. Thank you so much for all the effort ❤️ Your good wishes and support means a lot to me. On a different note, I realized something about our education system today. At talent, a lot of countries had representatives who had been singing, dancing or performing arts since the age of 2 or 3. They grew up with their passion. High time we need to realize that there is more to education than books. Along with pen and paper, we need to start handing them paint brushes and basketball, get them into dance classes, just let them learn that there's more to life than good grades in school. ❤️ Schools have been getting better, but we still have a long way to go. The case is even worse at public schools. Hope it changes soon because who knows, we might have a Ronaldo or a Picasso in those classes. 😊 #missnepal2018 #missworld2018 #bwap #mnformw #missnepal #missworld #journeytomissworld

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Shrinkhala wasn’t selected in talent round:

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