Nepali artists are voting in the election

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The current election is considered to be one of the most important step towards the future of Nepal as a country. For that reason, most of the artists of the Nepali film industry have been actively participating in the election awareness. Most of them have joined one of the many political parties and those who haven’t joined any party are also actively participating in the awareness of people about their voting rights.himgyap tasi voting station in boudha

Nepali superstar is going to vote in the constituency no. 6 in Kathamndu. He is not affiliated to any party and he is also asking everybody to vote in the election.

manisha rajesh hamal and nisha adhikari

Actress Karishma Manandhar is voting at Kathmandu constituency no. 3. Karishma is also one of the few artists who is not a member of any political party. She has also been asking every Nepali to vote the truthful and capable person in the election.

The top actress in the industry, Rekha Thapa won’t be voting in the election because she forgot to register her name in the voter’s list. Because of that mistake she had to loose her candidacy in the election.

Actress Benisha Hamal is going to vote in Kathmandu constituency no. 9. Actor Niraj Baral is registered to vote in Jhapa. He won’t be able to go to Jhapa to vote.

Actress Priyanka Karki is a supporter of Gagan Thapa. She is voting in Kathmandu Constituency no. 4 and will be voting by considering the capabilities of the candidate, not because of the party. Actor Gajit Bista will be voting in constituency no. 1.

Actor Sabin Shrestha is voting at constituency no. 7. Actress Keki Adhikari is also voting in the election and has been asking everybody to vote. Keki is voting in Kathmandu constituency no. 3.

The election is going through a very tough time because of the problems created by the Vaiday faction of CPN (Maoist). Although the situation is very adverse, the artists have told that they will be practicing their rights and vote in the election.

On the election day, the government is not allowing any vehicles to run on roads. No voters are allowed to take their cell phones or camera to the polling stations. The voters have lined up before the voting stations opened and all the streets are empty in Kathmandu.


empty durbarmarg

Himgyap Tasi was happy to be the first voter of the day:  “Yes! I did it… First Voter of the day 6:58 am.”

himgyap tasi after voting 1

Nirmal Sharma (Gaida of ‘Tito Satya’) votes:

nirmal sharma - gaida votes

Ex-Miss Nepal Malvika Subba votes:

malvika subba votes

Ex-Miss Nepal Sadichha Shrestha votes:

sadichha shrestha votes

Sadichha says, “So I took part in the elections and voted for the first time. I am impressed on how well it was managed and how the volunteers were friendly and helpful with all the participants. To vote is your right and your duty. Do be a part of it. Wish everyone a peaceful election. I am happy.”

Subexya Bhadel, fashion designer voted and enjoys the empty road:

Subexya Bhadel, fashion designer

Actress Nisha Adhikari shares the voting experience:

nisha adhikari votes

Uddav Poudel, a film producer and RPP Nepal candidate votes:

uddav poudel votes

Singer Astha Raut’s finger after voting:

astha raut votes

Actor/director Dinesh DC expressed his happiness on seeing a long line to vote:

dinesh dc feels good

Singer Rajesh Payal Rai votes:

rajesh payal rai votes

Actress Keki Adhikari also shared the photo after voting (Keki’s election updates in her fan site):

Keki Adhikari with her  card after voting

Actress Priyanka Karki kisses her finger after voting:

priyanka karki votes

Rajesh Hamal votes

rajesh hamal votes

Actor Jiwan Luitel votes:

jiwan luitel votes

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