What is the meaning of Sweta Khadka tattoo?

It is not a new thing that the smile has returned in actress Sweta Khadka‘s face. The only question now is when she is going to return as an actress. Sweta had gone through a long mourning period after the death of her husband Shree Krishna Shrestha. These days she says that the smile has returned to fulfill the dreams of Shree Krishna before his death.

shweta khadka tattoo meaning

During the press meet of ‘Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra’, Sweta told that she is eager to make a comeback. That means the rumours of Sweta is working in a movie script is true.

Sweta Khadka’s Tattoo

Sweta has engraved a tattoo on her right hand. The tattoo has some numbers in Roman letters. The writing enclosed between two flying birds also contain a pair of red cherries.

The writing reads:


Sweta told that the writing is a date that signifies the most important and happiest time of her life. She didn’t tell the full meaning.

Can you guess the meaning of the tattoo?

In the following video (at 3:20) Sweta says, “There are a lot meanings of this tattoo. It contains my happiness.” Sweta further adds, “It gives me positive vibes. This is happiness.” She tells that more than one coincidences had occurred on that same date.

Finally, she told, “It is the job of the viewers to understand the full meaning.”

A report on the return of smile in Swata’s face:

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