Archana Paneru authorized to be an actress by the government, Jism approved by FDB

I am pretty sure, the story of Archana Paneru, her debut movie ‘Jism’ and the role of Film Development Board (FDB) and FDB Chief Raj Kumar Rai is much more interesting than the film itself.

The story goes like:

A controversial director, Raju Giri, met a much more controversial girl Archana Paneru. Giri and his team prepared a story around Archana and borrowed the name of the movie Bollywood actress Sunny Leone debuted in Bollywood with. Sunny debuted in ‘Jism 2’ and Archana is all set to debut in ‘Jism’. The script and the details of the movie was submitted to the government agency FDB for approval.

The news was shocking to many film industry insiders. At the same time, the hype of Archan was too good to ignore. Archana was invited to a meeting by some producers and directors. Right after the meeting, Archana named the producers who had asked for anonymity. Some named the incident, “playing with dirt,” it was bound to get you dirty.

The Film Development Board felt the pressure on whether to approve the unethical actress in the movie. While ‘Jism’ approval was pending, Raju Giri started the shooting of the movie in Pokhara. FDB chief, Raj Kumar Rai was enraged and ordered the police and the district officers to arrest ‘Jism’ team for shooting movie without their approval.

Raju Giri and the entire film crew of 9 people were arrested and kept for about 5 hours before releasing in bail. Raju Giri and the team returned Kathmandu for negotiation with FDB. The condition of the approval of the movie was – to offer a public apology.

Raju Giri and Archana Paneru admitted their mistake. Raju also told that he was willing to change the name of the movie from Sunny Leone-linked ‘Jism’ to ‘Archana’. For FDB the new name ‘Archana’ might have been more objectionable than the original ‘Jism’.

jism approval - raju giri film

Right after the public apology of Raju Giri, the movie ‘Jism’ was approved for shooting. The film crew has already started the shooting. But, the story of the movie is yet to be finished because:

  • Raju Giri won’t let it rest. Controversy is his major promotional strategy. There is bound to be more controversies in the future.
  • Archana Paneru and controversy goes hand-in-hand. Without controversy she is nobody.
  • Both Raju Giri and Archana will ensure to have enough materials in the move to cause the Censor Board a major headache.

Video reports – history of the ‘Jism’ controversy:

Public apology of Raju Giri and announcement of change of name from ‘Jism’ to ‘Archana’ (March 30):

‘Jism’ team arrest in Pokhara (March 3rd week)

Archana accuses film producers and a director of indecent advances (February end):

‘Jism’ movie announcement (February 2nd week):

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