Kri slowdown? Lead actor Anmol KC goes in a vacation, Aditi returns to Mumbai

After the movie ‘Kri’ recovered the investment, the lead actors of ‘Kri’, Anmol KC and Aditi Budhathoki have taken a break from the promotion activities of the movie. While Anmol KC has gone to Jungle Safari in Chitwan with his sister Kajal KC, Aditi has returned back to Mumbai.

Anmol has shared some photos of Elephant riding. Here are some photos of Anmol KC:

Who is Kajal KC?

Kajal is Anmol KC’s half-sister. She used to live in the USA with her mother Bijaya KC. Anmol is her half brother from another mother, Sushmita KC. These days, Anmol is quite close with Kajal. In Tihar, he had taken tika from the sister.

Kajal has been quite close with their father’s new girlfriend – Jiya KC. Both Jiya and Kajal had shared photos of the family together in various facebook shares recently. It seems the family are helping Bhuwan to get together with Jiya.

Bhuwan is known for trouble relationship with his wives. The first wife, the mother of Kajal KC, left him to go to the USA. The second wife, Sushmita KC, the mother of Anmol KC, has also left him a decade ago. Now, Bhwuan is having affair with Jiya although they don’t admit it publicly.

Aditi Back to Reality

According to status posts of Aditi Budhathoki, it seems, she had been quite stressful during the release of her debut movie. The response was mixed – some appreciated her acting and others were ruthless in criticizing her. When she finally left the promotion activities and went to Mumbai, she shared a photo telling she has finally gone “Back to reality.”

The timing of Aditi’s status post and Anmol KC’s “Into the wild” coincided. They both seem to be quite stressed out and were happy to get their own time.

While the lead artists are in vacation, the film is still going on strong in theatre despite of negative comments from critics.

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