Who are the lucky guys, Neeta and Priyanka carried ?

Nisha Adhikari’s upcoming movie team have started a competition – the most interesting photo of a female carrying a male is going to win Rs. 51,000. For that Nisha had carried her husband Sharad Veshwakar and shared the photo in Facebook. To support Nisha, two other actresses have also done the same.

Neeta Dhungana shared a photo of herself carrying director Shyam Bhattarai in the USA. Neeta is currently in the USA where she went to participate in a film award ceremony.

And actress Priyanka Karki also carried actor and producer of Chhakka Panja sequel, Deepak Raj Giri.

In addition to these celebrity poses, Nisha has also shared other photos. Here are some samples.

What is ‘Jhyanakuti’

This is a comedy movie featuring Saugat Malla with Benisha Hamal in leading role. The movie is the debut movie of the actress Nisha Adhikari as a producer. Based on the the information obtained so far, Nisha herself hasn’t acted in the movie. She however had several off-screen roles like choreography and production.

Before the movie was released, Nisha and her boyfriend Sharad Veshwakar decided to get married. Now, the couple are promoting the movie that is scheduled to release on November 17 (Mangsir 1).

The photo contest of women carrying men started after a scene in the movie in which the actress Benisha carries the actor Saugat on her shoulder. Photos of similar poses of people was called by the production team for the competition. I am not sure if Priyanka and Neeta’s photos will also be included in the competition. But, it seems there are quite many entries to claim the prize.

Watch the trailer of the movie:

One of the songs of the movie has also been quite popular these days:

At the time when most of the movies produced by the actresses have failed, another actress, Nisha, has entered the production business. Based on the review of the trailer and the song, do you think Nisha will be different and be successful as a producer?

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