Why did Samragyee RL Shah say she doesn’t have a boyfriend?

The ‘Dreams’ debut actress Samragyee RL Shah has told that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. The guy whose photo she herself had shred in social media sites show them in close embrace and she has written “#him” in the comment – indicating he is the right guy for her.

After the admittance of her affair in social media during the celebration of her 21st birthday, Samragyee might have decided to undo the revelation. In a latest interview, Samragyee has stressed that she “is not in an affair”. Watch the video report:

Why do actresses try to hide their affairs?

It is not only the actresses, all celebrities try to hide their affairs. I think, it makes a perfect sense not to reveal the affairs for the following reasons:

Fan Fantasy

  • Fans of celebrities prefer to fantasizes about having affair with their favourite celebrities. When a celebrity is engaged, the fantasy doesn’t work as well as with a single celebrity. Being single potentially makes many fans happy.

At the time of the release of Aryan Sigdel’s movie ‘November Rain’ he decided to get married. The film crew was worried about loosing Aryan fans at the most critical time of the movie. But, the worry later proved to be unfounded and the movie became successful.

Uncertainty in affairs

  • Affairs don’t last long – specially those of the celebrities. They are exposed to various types of personalities creating environment to create misunderstandings and/or opportunities for breakups. Keeping affairs secret is one way of minimizing damages caused by breakups.

The affairs of celebrities like Saugat Malla, Reecha Sharma, Sushma Karki, Neeta Dhungana etc. ended in bitter breakups.

Affairs and work

  • Affairs mostly affect their working. So, the producers prefer artists with fewer tie ups.

One example – the affair of Sushma Karki was cited to be the main reason for some of the producers avoiding the actress in their movies while she was seeing Naren Shahi. Now, after break up, Sushma still doesn’t have much work.

May be, Samragyee is trying to avoid these problems in her career.

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