2073 of Samragyee RL Shah, No movies only headlines

The actress Samragyee RL Shah was one of the most talked about actress of the year 2073. By the way she was covered in the media, it seems she was given more importance than she really deserves because:

  • No movies of Samragyee were released in the whole year, 2073. Although she signed in ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ and ‘Timi Sanga’, no trailer or music videos of the movies were released until the end of the year.
  • The movie, released previous year, in 2072, ‘Dreams’ was the debut movie of Samragyee and, her second movie is yet to release.
  • Samragyee wasn’t even active in the film industry or the entertainment industry before signing in her first movie, ‘Dreams’. Although Samragyee did some modeling assignments after participating and becoming the third in Classic Diamond contest, 2014, she is not much active in modelling.

Video report:

Then why did she became so popular the whole year?

Let me analyze some of the facts that made her popular:

High price

After the success of ‘Dreams’, Samragyee took no time in hiking her price. Before the release of the movie, she had verbally agreed to do the movie ‘Summer Love’. But, when the movie became a hit, she reportedly demanded Rs. 5 lakhs to do the movie. That is the price unheard of from an actress in the Nepali movie industry, let alone from a new actress. After that, the ‘Summer Love’ team decided to search for another actress. They even search for a Nepali actress in Australia. But, at last, they found Rewati Chhetri – an Indian actress of Nepali origin. Rewati was one of the contestants of Miss India 2015.

Love affair

On the 21st birthday, Samragyee shared photos with Mayank Khadka. The photos showing her in close embrace with Khadka was the topic of discussion in media. Khadka reportedly went to Pokhara to meet Samragyee at the shooting location of ‘A Mero Hajur 2’. Samragyee however denied love affair and told that Mayank was her good friend . (Photo attached below)

Royal connection of Samragyee

According to report, Samragyee’s great great grandfathers were the Kings of Nepal.  The royal connection also made a topic of discussion about the actress.

Attractive Face and Bold looks

Samragyee has a beautiful face, attractive figure and height. Although, a lot of people detest her voice, there are others who are attracted only because of her voice. Samragyee’s smile is also another aspect of her attraction.

In addition to being beautiful, Samragyee is also bold while choosing her attire. Her dress sense and choise of attire are also attractive. She is also open in showing some skin. Samragyee’s revealing attire at the NEFTA 2016 film award in Dubai was also the topic of discussion. (Photo attached below)

In her upcoming movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ Samragyee is featured in an attractive looks. The popularity of the song of the movie, released recently, is also credited for the popularity of the actress, Samragyee. Although the scenery is attractive and the cinematography is exceptional, the presence of Samragyee has added the attractiveness of the song.

Success of Dreams

Yes, it all started with the success of her debut movie, ‘Drams’. Being the on-screen partner of Anmol KC was also beneficial for Samragyee for her initial popularity. But, after the success of the movie, Samragyee continued to become popular on her own merit. Anmok KC went in hiding for his fifth movie ‘Kri’ but, Samragyee signed in ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ and continued to be in the news. As the movie is the debut movie of actress Jharana Thapa and also a sequel of superhit movie ‘A Mero Hajur’, there is high hopes from the movies

Samragyee’s demand for her role ‘Summer Love’ was so high that they delayed the production of the movie.


Samragyee shared the photo of Mayank Khadka attached with the photo of her mother – creating an speculation of their affair.

Samragyee’s hot avatar in NEFTA 2017 award also made news.

Here are some more hot photos of Samragyee RL Shah.

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