Yama Buddha death, cremated at Pashupati Aryaghat

The question “Why did Yama Buddha committed suicide?” is still unanswered (at least, officially). The official report – post mortem report says that Anil Adhikari, Yama Buddha, had committed suicide. Although there was injuries in his jaws and he had taken some wine – there were no signs of anybody doing any foul play. The police has done the investigation and has rule out any issues.

But, a lot of conspiracy theories are going around. I think the story presented in the following video makes the most sense.

Yama Buddha Body brought to Nepal

The body of Yama Buddha, Anil Adhikari, arrived in Kathamndu on Saturday, January 28, 2017. He was brought in a box and was shown publicly to confirm that it was indeed Anil Adhikari. After the arrival of the body, one of the question that he wasn’t killed at all, got the answer – he is no longer with us.

Yes, Yama Buddha, has gone for good and we have no option except to with his deceased soul to rest in peace.

Yama Buddha’s fan are still suspecting that it was a murder. But, the possibility of a murder is slim as, the UK police is well known for it’s investigative tactics. They have confirmed that it is a suicide.

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