Yama Buddha wife Asmita Sedhai mourning at his home on 13th day of mourning

Asmita Sedhai, the wife the deceased rapper, Yama Buddha, was found at his home on the 13th day of mourning held at his house in Maitidevi. Wearing traditional white clothes for a widow, Asmita wasn’t happy by the media gossip about her and her husband Yama Buddha.

The family members told that Asmita had arrived Nepal on the day before the body of Yama Buddha, Anil Adhikari, was brought to Nepal. Although Asmita didn’t go to the Pragya Bhawan, the family members told that she had gone to the Pashupati Arya Ghat during the cremation of the body.

Some eye witness have also confirmed her presence at the site although I couldn’t find andy photo or video of her at the site.

I believe Asmita is going through an enormous amount of sadness and pressure on the sudden death of her husband. Yama Buddha had committed suicide in her parental home in London. There are still unanswered question about what had happened on that day. Asmita has also hasn’t spoken to the media about the incident.

About Yama Buddha death

According to reports

  • Anil Adhikari went to the bathroom at 3 AM in the night
  • He was found dead at around 6 AM.
  • He was hanging on his belt in the bathroom.
  • Was reportedly wearing a jacket at that time.
  • The post mortem report says that it was a suicide and no foul play was suspected.
  • A passport was found torn in his bedroom.
  • His jaw were broken.

Who is Asmita Sedhai ?

Yama Buddha, Anil Adhikari, married Asmita Sedhai in 2013. They had an affair prior to the marriage. After marriage, Anil went to the UK on dependent visa. He was living in Asmita’s parental home in London. Asmita parents, and her brother live in the house.

  • Asmita turned 25 in December of 2016.
  • Asmita is a civil engineer by profession.
  • According to media report, Asmita holds a UK passport.

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