Why was a Korean Music video banned in South Korea? (Jyoti Magar videos are worse)

The girl band Dalshabet’s latest video ‘Hey Mr. Joker’ was banned in televisions across South Korea. The song starts as – “Hey Mr Joker, why are you shaking me up….”

The innocent sounding lyrics sounds quite different in the ears of the Korean audience.

In Korea, the word “joker” is written “조커,” and is pronounced “Joh-kuh.”

The word “joh” in Korean is a man’s penis. That is not all, “kuh” means ‘big’ in Korean.

Now, when the word together is no longer as innocent as it sounds. When the girls sing the lyrics “Joker, I want it, I am out of breath, baby good night,” it has a whole new meaning to the Korean audience.

With concerns of sexual references in its lyrics of the song, KBS has banned the song in Korea.

The lyrics include:

“Hey Mr Joker, why are you shaking me up,”

“I want it.”

and “let’s you know they’re ready for action tonight.”

Watch the video and comment: I think, Jyoti Magar’s songs are way more ban-worthy than Dalshabet. What do you think?

Now, let’s watch Jyoti Magar songs:

Dhade Biralo

One of the most controversial Teej Song of Jyoti Magar faced a lot of controversy. But the video wasn’t officially banned in Nepal. Although a couple of Jyoti Magar’s interviews were banned because of excessive exposure during the interview, the songs were not banned. That may be because we don’t have a censoring authority for music videos and songs.

Deu na ek choti
The song was very controversial and created a lot of controversy.

Whatever might be the case, personally, I am against banning any creation of artists. They should however be categorized for the proper audience. The kids should not be allowed to watch the age-inappropriate contents. Adults should be free to choose what they watch or listen to.

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