Why was Indian comedian Kapil Sharma program canceled in Kathmandu?

The widely published program, Ncell Purple Fest, featuring Indian popular comedian Kapil Sharma was canceled at the last minute. Kapil showed up in Kathmandu with two of his assistant comedian – Dadi (Ali Asgar) and Raju. It is reported that although they couldn’t perform in the show, they have claimed the full pay from the organizers.

kapil sharma and jitu nepal in press

After arriving in Kathmandu, Kapil conducted a press meet and returned back to India. He told that he was very unhappy on the cancellation of the show and told that he will return back to Kathmandu in future event.

The reason cited by the organizers on the cancellation of the show is security concern. The organizers told that the government told that it can’t provide security for the show. But, the same government had provided security for the country heads of seven countries of SAAR nations a while ago. There is suspicion that there was more than security concern in the cancellation of the show.

Ncell had done all the preparation of the show and had also sold more than 15,000 tickets. Kapil Sharma also didn’t revealed the actual reason of the cancellation. He only told that there were some security concerns and expressed happiness that at least he would be able to visit Pashupatinath Temple.

One more effect of the cancellation will be the credibility of Nepali organizers. After the incident, there will always be fear of cancellation of shows in Kathmandu in the last minute. That wouldn’t be an image Nepal would like when international celebrities are concerned.

kapil-sharma goes to pashupiti

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