Will Arunima Lamsal return back from US?

Actress Arunima Lamsal has flown to the USA on 4th September 2012 with her husband. She has left her 10 month-old daughter with her mother.
arunima Lamsal (2)

At the time when most of the artists visiting USA have stayed there permanently, some think Arunima might also have such intentions. When asked, Arunima told that she is going to the USA for a visit and she doesn’t have any intention to stay there.

In the past actresses like , Pooja Chand, Saranga Shrestha, and Sajja Mainali are living in the USA. Among the male actors, Saroj Khan and Ramesh Upreti are also living in the USA. Actor Suresh Marahatta returned back after living eight years in the US as Resh Marahatta and Karishma Manandhar has also returned after receiving the US green card.

Do you think Arunima will return?

One thought on “Will Arunima Lamsal return back from US?

  1. Who cares, whether she returns or not. It doesn’t matter, actress who cannot make it in their home country, will move to another place, this is usual happening. Another actress, probably, a better one will come to take her place.

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