Will Rekha Thapa return from USA ?

Actress Rekha Thapa is currently in the USA. She had gone to the USA after the second week of May, supposedly for a few days. In the June 18 status update, she is in Elmhurst, New York.

According to an interview, Rekha Thapa has clearly said that she might leave the country. In the attached interview, Rekha has said that we shouldn’t be too attached to the country and consider the whole earth our place.

(the video is not available anymore)

Rekha says, “In the past, I used to think that I will die with the citizenship certificate of this country on my chest.” She says the earthquake has changed her view toward the country.

rekha thapa status update june 18

Before the earthquake of April 25, Rekha Thapa was preparing for the shooting of her upcoming project ‘Rampyari’. The songs were being recorded. The earthquake disrupted the plans and the shooting of the movie is uncertain. In an interview Rekha told, “How can I dance in the songs of ‘Rampyari’ when the country is mourning after the earthquake?”

Will Rekha Thapa permanently move to the USA? Although the interview indicate such possibility, we don’t know what Rekha’s plan are. All we can do is wait and see.

Deep down, we wish Rekha return back to Nepal and work in the Nepali film industry. The industry needs Rekha’s contribution as actress, producer and even as a director.