Rekha Thapa movie Rampyari, song recording started

The song recording of Rekha Thapa‘s next movie ‘Rampyari’ has started in Kathmandu. Rekha’s home production movie ‘Rampyari’ is going to be made on the story of a auto rickshaw driver woman of Chitwan. Rekha had recently visited Chitwan to meet the real person on whom the movie is going to be made. She had also driven the auto rickshaw the real Rampyari drives (read more in nepaliactress).

Rekha thapa rampyari song recording

In ‘Rampyari’ Rekha is introducing her nephew, Avash Adhikari, as the leading actor. Actress Ashma DC is told to be featured opposite to Avash. In the start, Rekha had announced that she would be directing the movie. But, later she decided to delegate the responsibility of direction to Shabir Shrestha.

To do something extra, she had announced that she will be composing one of the songs of the movie.

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