WOW – Nikita enters the semi-final of Beauty with a Purpose at Miss World 2017

A day after she was selected to be one of the Top 40 at the Miss World 2017, she is selected to be one of the semi-finalist of Beauty with a Purpose contest. The following video has helped her to be one of the semi-finalists.

When I watched the video, I have a feeling that Nikita has done a lot of work and everything is presented in an interesting and heart touching manner. It is a great social work, an essential one, and a life changing work for the girls and the women involved. I hope the judges will see what I have observed. I expect Nikita to be successful in winning the Beauty with a Purpose title.

I wrote about Nikita being one of the Top 40 yesterday. As Nikita has already won the Head to Head Challenge round of Group 3, if she could win a second title, that would help her in the overall contest. Being one of the semi-finalist in itself is a great feat and she has increased her chance to claim the Miss World crown.

In the Top Model contest, Nikita could manage to go up to Top 30 and failed to go higher than that.

Nikita was crowned Miss Nepal 2017 in June and she was preparing herself for the contest for the last five months.

Miss Nepali in Beauty with a Purpose

Miss Nepal have been working very hard in Beauty with a Purpose title after Miss Nepal Ishani Shrestha won the title in Miss World 2013. Ishani had also managed to be one of the Top 15 in the beauty contest that year. Last year’s Miss Nepal, Asmi Shrestha was also selected one of the top 5 in the title although she didn’t win it at the end. Being one of the Top 5 in itself is a great feat in the international contest where 118 beauties from all over the world are competing.

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