Karishma Manandhar organizing Holi party again

Like earlier years, actress Karishma Manandhar is organizing Holi party in her home on the festival of colors. In this year’s program to be held on Sunday March 16, Karishma has invited about 300 guests to celebrate. The guests include personalities of the film industry, journalists and relatives.


File PhotoHoli celebration in 2013

In last week, Karishma has been busy in the preparation of the party. Karishma’s assistant Ritu Rana and Baburam Dahal have been helping her in the preparation.

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Karishma Manandhar stuck in Doha while her daughter celebrates birthday at home

Nepali actress Karishma Manandhar missed the big day of her daughter Kabita Manandhar, who had arrived home from the USA to celebrate her birthday. As Kabita cut the cake, all Karishma could do was to thank her mentor Anjali who had made arrangement of Kabita’s birthday at home. Kabita celebrated her birthday by cutting a cake at home in Godavari with her father Binod Manandhar.

binod manandhar, anjali, kabita manandhar birthday

karishma manandhar doha celebration - dec. 18 2013 (2)

Kabita had planned to surprise Karishma by arriving unannounced on her birthday, but she got the surprise in turn – Karishma had other plans. Karishma flew to Doha, Qatar to participate in a cultural program, on December 17 – the day Kabita arrived.

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Holi at Karishma Manandhar place and Binod’s birthday

Film producer and Karishma Manandhar‘s husband Binod Manandhar celebrated his birthday on Holi. To celebrate his birthday and Holi with film artists Karishma had organized a party in her house. Like in year 2011, many of the film artists had shown up in the party to enjoy the festival of colors.

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In the party, Binod cut a cake and Karishma opened a bottle of champagne and shared them with the guests. Almost 600 guests were present in the event. Last year, Karishma didn’t organized such party because of the mourning on the death of Binod’s father.

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