10 months of preparation, Aana Sharma locked in for years in Gangster Blues, no Anmol KC

This is something unheard of in the Nepali movie industry – a lengthy preparation in the shooting of a movie – 10 months of exclusivity of the artists even before the start of the shooting. A good movie need a good deal of preparation. Some movies take years of making but, no other film makers had announced a movie almost a year in advance for the preparation and signed the lead artists so that they don’t do any other movies.

I am talking about ‘Gangster Blues’ – upcoming movie by hit director Hemraj BC. The movie to be shot in Magh (February/March 2017) was announced in Baisakh 22 (May 4, 2016). In the event Hemraj introduced the lead actors in the movie Anna Sharma (‘Jerry’ actress), Ashirman Desraj Shrestha Joshi, Gaurav Pahadi etc. and informed about the preparation of the movie. The artists are going to start the workshop and homework for the movie in the next 10 to 12 months before the shooting actually start. Hemraj BC told that the artists will be trained in character specific acting, physical fitness and other preparation in that time. To bind the artists fully in the movie, they are not allowed to sign in any other movies in that time. A video report of Aana Sharma’s exclusivity agreement:

Who is Hemraj BC?

Out of the three movies released so far, two of Hemraj BC movie were super hit movies – ‘Hostel’ and ‘Jerryy’. The third movie, ‘Sambodhan’ was also liked by viewers although it wasn’t commercially hit. The fourth movie ‘Gajalu’ is going to release soon.

For Hemraj, Anmol KC had proved the lucky charm as the hit movies featured Anmol in lead role. ‘Gajalu’ also features Anmol KC in leading role and is introducing Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha as an actress. BC had planned Anmol KC to lead ‘Gangster Blues’. Because of the unavailability of the dates with Anmol because of his work in home production movie ‘Dreams’, the movie ‘Gangster Blues’ was delayed. Anmol became busier after the hat trick in hit movies and couldn’t commit to BC’s year-long exclusivity. That is the reason Hemraj found Ashirman Desraj to lead the movie.

Watch Hemraj BC movies:

Who is Aana Sharma?

Actress Aana Sharma is the daughter of Miss Nepal beauty contest choreographer Rachana Sharma. Aana debuted in ‘Jerryy’, opposite to Anmol KC. Despite of being the first movie, Aana’s acting skill was appreciated by the viewers. Some even believed that Aana’s acting was way better than her co-star Anmol. Aana’s beauty was another major factor in her popularity. After the movie, Aana got numerous offers in different movies but, she preferred not to sign in any of them. In the mean time, she completed her plus two.

After the completion of her studies, after two years of ‘Jerryy’, the same director, Hemraj BC, has offered her the second movie, ‘Gangster Blues’. Now, Aana is locked in the movie and will not be seen on screen for more than a year. The viewers haven’t forgotten the ‘Jerryy’ actress and I think, it will be worth a wait for her second movie.

It was no secret that Aana Sharma was in affair with Anmol KC. They used to be together together in private functions (like with Anmol KC mother Sushmita KC in his birthday).

Watch the following break up story video:

aashirman desraj-and-aana sharma

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