60 Days – Anna Sharma’s comeback movie Gangster Blues end clap

The shooting of the comeback movie of actress Anna Sharma – ‘Gangster Blues’ has completed. The movie by well known director Hemraj BC is expected to follow his history of giving hit movies. Hemraj was the director who had debuted Anna Sharma in his previous movie ‘Jerryy’. The Anmol KC starrer movie was a superhit movie.

After the success of ‘Jerryy’, Anna decided to complete her studies before signing her second movie. After the completion of he schooling, Anna had signed ‘Gangster Blues’.

The end-clap of the movie was done on the first day of the Nepali new year 2074 at Nepalgunj. The whole movie was shot in Nepalgunj and the surrounding areas for two months.

The movie produced by Saroj Neupane features Anna Sharma with Ashirman Desraj Joshi Shrestha. Other actors include Samyam Puri, Pramod Agrahari and Rojhisha Shahi Thakuri.

The movie is scheduled to release on Bhadra 2.

Who is Anna Sharma?

The ‘Jerryy’ debut actress Anna Sharma’s real name is Annapurna Sharma. Anna is one of the daughters of Rachana Gurung Sharma, the choreographer of Miss Nepal Beauty Contest. Rachana’s other daughter are Amalia Sharma and Ahilya Rajika Sharma.

The 19-years-old Anna reportedly was having an affair with Anmol KC. But, they later broke up. (Read more in NepaliActress.com)

A video report about Anna Sharma’s comeback:

Who is Hemraj BC?

Hemraj BC is one of the successful directors of the Nepali film industry. He directed some of the most successful movies – most of them featuring Anmol KC.

Hemraj BC’s debut movie ‘Hostel’ was also the debut movie of Anmol KC. The second movie ‘Jerryy’ and the fourth movie ‘Gajalu’ featured Anmol KC in them. Apart from ‘Dreams’ all the movies of Anmol KC were directed by Hemraj BC. BC’s third movie, ‘Sambodhan’ was not successful commercially. But, the critics had liked the movie.

Initially, Hemraj BC had planned the lead role of ‘Gangser Blues’ for Anmol KC. But, Anmol became busy and signed in ‘Kri’. The movie was delayed because of Anmol’s home production movie ‘Dreams’. For the movie BC wanted a year-long exclusivity – Anmol wasn’t ready for that. That was why BC decided to feature another actor – Ashirman Desraj. Ashirman is the son of banker Rabina Desraj. Ashirman’s elder brother Ayushman is also an actor – featured in ‘Chapali Height 2’ and working in ‘Katha Kathmandu’.

Movies of Hemraj BC:

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