12 scandals involving CPN Maoist leaders

A lot of internal matters, within the CPN Maoist party during it’s ‘People’s War,’ never came out in public. Some of the best kept secrets were sex abuses and scandals by the leaders at various levels. Only the cases that went out of hands were known to the general public. Journalist Netra Panthi has collected some of the well known sex scandal within CPN Maoist party and in which, the leaders involved were punished for their crime. Detailed, Nepali version, is published by Vishwanews.

1. Ram Bahadur Thapa and Pampha Bhusal

In 2053 BS a sex scandal between the top leader of CPN Maoist, Ram Bahadur Thapa (Cm. Badal) and another top leader, Pampha Bhusal caused the party to punish them. The issue was widely talked about at that time.

2. Haribol Gajurel and Nir Kumari Darlami

Central committee member Haribol Gajurel (Cm. Shitalkumar) and current CA member, Nir Kumari Darlami (Cm. Shila). Nir Kumari’s husband was killed by the army in 2061 BS.

3. Yan Prasad Gautam and Ruku Chaulagain

Yan Prasad Gautam (Cm. Alok) was punished by the party in 2056 BS for having inappropriate relationship with Party Secretary of Kabhre-Rameshap, Ruku Chaulagain (Cm. Rachana). Both of them were punished and Alok was sent to ‘Labour Camp’. Although some say he was killed there. Officially, he died in combat.

4. Krishna Dhoj Khadka

In 2057 BS, the student leader Krishna Dhoj Khadka was accused by a female student of having illicit relationship with her. The party had to suspend the party membership of Krishna Dhoj for 6 months.

5. Hemanta Prakash Oli

Hemanta Prakash Oli (Cm. Sudarhan) was also also punished by the party. Soon after the punishment, he was arrested in 2055.

6. Shakti Bahadur Basnet

The Central Committee Member Shakti Bahadur Basnet (Cm. Sureshsingh) was also punished for unacceptable treatment to female party members. He was also suspended from the Central Committee for some time.

7. Mani Thapa (marriage)

The leader Mani Thapa was accused of marrying a minor. His wife Rajana Shrestha was only 16/17 years at the time they married.

8. Himal Rai – The leader Himal Rai was suspended from the party for a year.

9. Devi Khadka and Raj Kumar Shrestha

Devi Khadka had accused the police and army of raping her. But, later she was found in relationship with Raj Kumar Shrestha. The party had punished them in 2056 and forced them to get married after the punishment.

10 Ram Karki and Shushila Kandangwa

The scandals continue to be heard after the Maoist party has stopped it’s war and is in peaceful politics. In 2066 BS an issue of relationship between the top leader Ram Karki and Shushila Kandangwa (Cm. Barsha). The party however couldn’t prove the case. But, a number of newspapers published the news with photos of the two.

11. Leela Somai and Tilak Malla

CA member of Palpa, Leela Somai, was punished by the party for having illicit relationship with the leader Tilak Malla. The issue came out in spite of the attempt to hide. Somai’s husband was killed by the army in 2059.

12. Bijaya KC

In 2064 BS, the commander of Pratap Jyoti Brigade, Bijaya KC, had eloped with his niece, who was doing her Staff Nurse course in Bharatpur. They were actors in a movie (Lal Salam) made with the help of the party. They were later reported to have left the party.

These are only a few cases, that were known to the public. There were numerous such cases which were never reported to the party and some, the party kept for itself. Many cases involving low level leaders and combatants were never revealed as they were reluctant to talk about in the strict military setting.

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