Nepali Movie – Dui Kinara

Nepali film – Dui Kinara
Starring :Niruta Singh, Suman Singh, Bhupen Chand, etc.
Director Tulsi Ghimire

A presentation of Shrawan Ghimire, ‘Dui Kinara’ is a family drama by one of the top directors of Nepal, Tulsi Ghimire featuring actress Niruta Singh with Suman Singh and Bhupen Chand. The story, dialogue, script is written by Tulsi himself and he has also done the editing of the movie.
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Internet-based prostitution racket busted in Kathmandu

College Students- NC 25,000/-
Models- NC 50,000/-
Celebraties – NC 100,000/- onwards
Call Mr. JOHN +977-9849055457

The 21 year old “Mr. John” (Amit Gautam) of Samakhusi Kathmandu is arrested in Kathmandu along with students, models and celebrities (the word is misspelled in the website). Amit, who was arrested in Naxal, was acting as contact point for the website based prostitution in Nepal. The racket is actually led by Indian in New Delhi and the girls were being supplied mainly to Indian nationals visiting Nepal. Amit was being helped by Sangita Shrestha

Sangeeta Shrestha, 33, a resident of Tahachal who was mastermind in arranging girls for the business was also arrested from her home.

UPDATE: Photos of Sangeeta Shrestha after her arrest.(Credits: Kiran Bhattarai, RSS)


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Bhuwan KC – Actor Director of Nepali Movies

UPDATE: Bhuwan KC turned 60 on on September 17, 2016. Born in 1955, Bhuwan KC celebrated his birthday with is son Anmol KC and the family.

Bhuwan KC is one of the hit actors of Nepali movies. He has acted in over a hundred Nepali films. He has acted in some some foreign films too. His first successful movie, Kusume Rumal, was released in 1985.

Bhuwan KC was the only real hero at his time but as he grew older he couldn’t get much offers for new movies so he plunged into film production. He has produced some successful Nepali films like Karodpati, Nepali Babu, Ma Timi Bina Marihalchhu etc.

Some of his movies of Shree Krishna available in xnepali:
Nepali Movie – Saino (Bhuwan KC, Tripti, Danny Denzongpa)
Nepali Movie – Ma Timi Bina Marihaalchhu (Bhuwan KC, Jharana Thapa, Sushmita KC)
Nepali movie – Radha Krishna (Bhuwan KC, Kristi Mainali)
Nepali Movie – Daijo (Bhuwan, Melina, Jharana)
Nepali Movie – Kusume Rumal
Nepali Movie – Duniya (Only description )
Nepali Movie – Raju Raja Ram (Bhuwan KC, Rajesh Hamal, Shiva Shrestha)
Nepali Movie – Karodpati (Only description )
Nepali Movie – Dreams
Nepali movie – Manish
Nepali Movie – Superstar
Nepali Movie – Trishna (Only description )
Nepali Movie – Sita
Nepali Movie – Samjhana (Bhuwan KC, Tripti Nadkar)
Nepali Movie – Bijaya Parajaya
Nepali Movie – Arpan
Nepali Movie – Sankalpa
Nepali Movie – Badal
Nepali Movie – Dharma
Nepali Movie – Ziddi
Nepali Movie – Chor Sipahi
Nepali Movie – Sathi Ma Timro
Nepali movie – Santan (incomplete)
Nepali Movie – Ko Hu Ma
Nepali movie – Badalpari
Nepali Movie – Dakshina
Nepali Movie – Dui Thopa Aansu
Nepali Movie – Nata
Nepali Movie – Sapana
Nepali Movie – Sauta
Nepali movie – Kanyadaan
Nepali movie – Taa Ta Sarai Bigrish Ni Badri
Nepali Movie – Tilahari
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Animal sacrifice and Gadhimai Mela

We have a weird tradition—killing animals in the name of God. I think, it is more of an excuse to eat meat than worshiping – in the time when non-vegetarian dishes weren’t so common. Isn’t it time to accept the reality that gods don’t eat meat?

In the eve of notorious Gadhimai Mela, a two day religious event, to be held from November 22, the issue of animal sacrifice is raised in every parts of Nepal. The mela is held at Bariyapur VDC of Bara district, every five years. Millions of people from India and Nepal come to the place to sacrifice thousands of animals. The “Buddha Boy” Ram Bahadur Bomjan who is meditating nearby in the jungle asked the organizers and the local authorities to stop such inhuman activities.

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