Nepali Movie – Naya Nepal

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Dedicated to thousands of known and unknown martyers
Nepali Movie : Naya Nepal
Casting: Biraj Bhatt, Usha Poudel, Nandita KC, Sushila Rayamajhi, Kishore Dhakal, Riddicharan Shrestha etc.
Story / Direction – Kishore Dhakal
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Nikhil Upreti did dubbing of a movie in Mumbai

Nikhil is living with Sanchita Luitel, somewhere in Mumbai after the reported marriage. Nikhil Upreti is stil in wedlock while Sanchita is divorced from her first previous husband.

It looks like Nikhil is unwilling to come back to Kathmandu anytime soon. He had well prepared for such long absence by completing the films at hand and not signing any new movies. But, the fate is always unpredictable. The dubbing of one of the movie he did, were lost due to technical problem at the recording studio. Four reels of dubbing of a movie named ‘Masti’ were damaged.

The director of the movie, Madan Ghimire, waited for Nikhil’s return for a month. When he realized Nikhil is not coming back soon, he made arrangements for the dubbing to be held in Mumbai with the help of the producer, Dinesh Thapa, and in association with Prime Studio, the recording studio in Nepal. It is told that the recording completed in Mumbai, last week.

But, following questions are still unanswered :

  • How long will Nikhil and Sanchita run away from Nepal?
  • Is it the end of film career of Nikhil or Sanchita?
  • What will happen to Kopila and their 6 month old child?
  • Both Nikhil and Sanchita were previously married. If they are married together how long can they remain loyal to each other?

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