Renamed Krishnaa hits theaters in Kathmandu

Due to unavailability of theaters, many movies had to wait for years to be released. After such a long time, a lot of things change and to give an impression to the viewers that the movie is new, the producers change the names.

A movie released a fortnight back, ‘Sangharsha Jindagiko’ was named different before release. Similarly, another movie released on Friday, August 6, is also renamed ‘Krishnaa’ right before its release. The movie was shot by the name ‘Kholawari Kholapari’ but the producer wanted to the movie to reflect the current time by renaming it.


The producer of the movie RB Khatri thinks ‘Krishnaa’ was a modern name and is suitable for the movie just before it’s release. Viewers won’t be surprised if the movie needs a lot more additions to be complete.

The star cast in the movie however is very impressive. Rajesh Hamal, Rekha Thapa, Nikhil Upreti, are Nandiata KC the leading actors in the movie. In the initial days of the shooting, JB Rai was the director but, when he left the team, assistant director Sujan Lama had to take over the directing job.

"First Love" premiered

The movie directed by Simosh Sunwar, ‘First Love’ was premiered in JayaNepal theater, Kathmandu on Thursday. The movie is released all over Nepal on Friday, August 6, 2010.

aryan-richa- first love premeer

Before the premier ceremony, a cocktail party was organized for the movie technicians, journalists, and movie artists present in the ceremony.

First Love, produced by Narendra Maharjan and Madhav Wagle, features Aryan Sigdel, Nisha Sharma, Binaya Shrestha, Richa Sharma, and Sabin Shrestha in main roles.