Steve Jobs unveiled iPad 2 – faster, thinner, lighter, colorful …

In a surprise appearance, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new version of it hugely popular iPad tablet (he is currently in medical leave). The new tablet computer named ‘iPad 2’ will feature dual core A5 processer, two video cameras, and is 33 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter when compared to its previous version.

The original iPad, released last year, currently enjoys a market share of more than 95% of tablet in the world. Even after one year of its release no other companies have been successful in developing a competing hardware at competing price. Even 7 inch tablets cost more than Apple’s 9.7 inch entry level Wi-Fi iPad costing $499.

Now, it has become even cheaper after the release of new model. The original iPad is told to cost $100 cheaper at $399 a piece. It looks like, Apple  has already won the price war (it’s weakest frontier).

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Lady Gaga – loosing virginity was ‘terrible’, didn’t enjoy sex until ‘two years ago’.

American pop singer-songwriter Lady Gaga has revealed her sex life in the new issue of Grazia magazine of Britain. She has revealed that she lost her virginity when she was a teenager, at the age of 17. She however told that the first experience was ”terrible” and added that she wasn’t fully prepared for sex at that time.

Lady Gaga is popular for her “unique” fashion sense with odd costumes and accessories.

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5 reasons music in memory card or pendrive won't work

Why are they scared of internet?

It made a ‘headline news’ when Music Nepal, the biggest music distributor in Nepal decided to sell music in memory card. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai inaugurated the pendrive by playing the National Anthem.

The memory card will be of capacity 1-2 GB and costs Rs. 675. Pendrive costs much more at Rs. 875. I know it includes the cost of hardware.

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